May 7, 2003
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.

NTT Develops "KiriBariWeb" tool for easy construction of personal portals
--Begins Tests via Trial Service Site "Cyber Trial"--

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Norio Wada) has developed "KiriBariWeb"--a tool based on NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories' Webpage customization technologies that enables users to easily create personal portals. The newly developed KiriBariWeb tool allows individual users to pick up required Web pages or parts of pages from among the huge volume of Web page information on the Internet using simple operations, to create a single, easy-to-use personal portal page. This new tool is designed to help users effectively utilize Web page information in a constant Internet connection environment in accordance with their own individual needs. Taking the copyrights of the Web pages into consideration, an ID and a password issued individually to each user are required to browse his or her personal portal page. This tool is expected to enable contents providers to acquire and maintain the royal customers by providing them with the latest information and to extend the opportunities in their business.
KiriBariWeb will be provided for a period of approximately six months starting from May 8 via the "Cyber Trial" service site (, where a broad range of users can experience the results of the latest research and development at NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories. The goal of the trial is to gather comments from users with regard to the new service, thus verifying the effectiveness and reliability of the service in an actual operating environment, while at the same time reflecting user comments in further research and development activities that will provide the basis for future services.

1. Background to development of KiriBariWeb

Currently, the Internet plays an important role as a source of diverse information on topics ranging from business to personal hobbies. In the past, personal portal page creation services, offered mainly through portal sites, have been in the form of "Web page customization services," in which the user would select required items from a prepared catalog of specified functions and contents, and use these items to create the desired layout. This led to a problem, however, in that the user is unable to take full advantage of the huge volumes of Web page information available on the Internet.
The new KiriBariWeb tool overcomes this barrier, because it is not limited to a prepared set of contents. The user is able to access Web page information from the Internet in its original form, and freely create a "Personal Portal Page" using simple mouse operations. (Ref. attachment 1)

2. Keys to Related Technologies

(1) User interface technologies for Web page creation (ref. attachment 2)
NTT has developed a technology that enables Web page operation with an intuitive user interface that visualizes the Document Object Models*1 (DOM) of HTML*2 documents. In this way, anyone can easily cut and paste from Web pages the required segments of existing contents described in HTML.
(2) Technology for extracting segments from Web pages (ref. attachment 3)
We have developed a segment extraction algorithm that allows the user to accurately extract required segments--for example, the text from a news page--even if material on the page has been inserted, moved, or erased as a result of news updates. In this way, the required segment can be displayed properly even if the original display position of the copied segment has been moved.
(3) Client-based Web page editing technology (ref. attachment 4)
When providing portal pages that have been customized for individual users as a large-scale public service, it is necessary to have large-scale facilities for gathering and distributing huge volumes of contents on the server side. In the case of KiriBariWeb, however, because the user edits contents on a browser using a script provided by an ASP*3, the burden on the server can be substantially reduced. In this way, the provider does not require extensive facilities, while the user can create and use original personal portal pages while taking advantage of the huge volumes of Web page information available on the Internet. [Ref. Note]

3. Outline of "Cyber Trial"

In order to ensure that R&D results are truly useful, it is essential to confirm the effectiveness and reliability of trial services in an actual working environment. In this trial, we plan to gradually provide additional trial services that can be offered by ASPs*3 equipped with the latest technologies. In addition to the current KiriBariWeb, we expect to provide a variety of trial services to a total of 100,000 users in the future.

4. How to use "Cyber Trial"

Anybody can use "Cyber Trial" by accessing the top page and registering as a user. For details on procedures and the system environment required to use the trial version of KiriBariWeb, please refer to the KiriBariWeb manual at:

5. Future Developments

In addition to continuing R&D activities in preparation for full-scale operation of KiriBariWeb, NTT will promote research and development that will form the foundations of more enjoyable, more convenient Internet-based services that take advantage of increasingly popular broadband environments. Through collaboration with other NTT Group companies, we will work toward creating new services that incorporate these new technologies.

[Note] "KiriBariWeb" can be used only within the scope of personal application. Please obtain permission from the copyright holder before using contents with third-part copyrights outside of the scope of such personal applications; for example, in broadly accessible personal homepages.


*1 DOM (Document Object Model)
An object interface for dynamically updating Web page contents and constructions by handling characters, images, and other Web page elements as objects, and manipulating the object attributes.
*2 HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
A structured tag language for creating homepages on the Internet.
*3 ASP (Application Service Provider)
A service provider that provides applications via the Internet.

- Attachment 1: Outline of "KiriBariWeb"
- Attachment 2: User interface technologies for Web page editing
- Attachment 3: Technology for extracting segments from Web pages
- Attachment 4: Client-based Web content conversion technology

For further information, please contact:
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  Planning Division, PR Section;
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  TEL: 046-859-2032


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