March 26, 1998

NTT Providing Telecom Services
with N-STAR Satellites

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) established a telecom subsidiary company on April 1 to provide satellite-based multimedia services. The services are being offered via two N-STAR telecommunication satellites, which NTT has been using since October 1995 to provide telecom services to communities on remote islands, as well as for emergency telecommunications and to supplement terrestrial networks. In preparation for the new services, NTT worked with other companies to conduct experiments in satellite-based multimedia telecommunications. As a result of success with these experiments, NTT will now lease N-STAR transponders to companies interested in commercializing their own satellite-based multimedia services. Outline of N-Star Satellites Orbit Positions                         N-STAR a: 132 degrees east longitude                         N-STAR b: 136 degrees east longitude Transponders (total)                         S Band (2.6/2.5GHz): 2                         C Band (6/4GHz ): 12                         Ku Band (14/12GHz): 16                         Ka Band (30/20GHz): 22 Lifespan of Satellites More than 10 years Provision of Transponders by NTT NTT will make a number of Ku Band transponders available to any Type II telecommunications company (a firm that doesn't own circuits), and they will be provided for these companies under the same conditions as those for the telecom subsidiary company of NTT. All other transponders will be used by NTT to provide telecommunications services to the public.