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  • NTT, TFC and NIBAN-KOBO began experiments to examine bodily experiential contents using Comptics and will exhibit prototypes at SXSW 2019

NTT Press Releases

(NTT Press Releases)

March 5, 2019

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
NIBAN-KOBO Productions Corp.

NTT, TFC and NIBAN-KOBO began experiments to examine bodily experiential contents using Comptics and will exhibit prototypes at SXSW 2019

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION (TFC) , and NIBAN-KOBO Productions Corp. (NIBAN-KOBO) began verification from February in order to create bodily experiential contents with Comptics providing experience, creation and sharing system of haptic content being developed by NTT.
At the official Trade Show (Venue: Austin Convention Center, March 10-13, 2019) of SXSW 2019, the team of NTT, TFC, and NIBAN-KOBO and NTT will respectively demonstrate two Comptics prototypes. SXSW is the world’s largest business and creative conference related to music, movies, and interactive technology and held in Austin, Texas, USA.


NTT exhibited the prototype (first generation) of Comptics at SXSW2018 in Austin, USA and met TFC and NIBAN-KOBO which are the renowned video production companies from Japan. NTT was facing a challenge of creating engaging contents and storytelling to be paired with Comptics system while TFC and NIBAN-KOBO were searching for new businesses regardless of expanding the video experience and video production. Thus, we agreed on collaboration between the three, we have been aiming to realize the world of experience, creation and sharing of experiential content designed for Comptics. In this demo experiment, according to the images created by TFC and NIBAN-KOBO, NTT produced a tactile timeline and actually sent and received it to Comptics and confirmed the output. By participating in SXSW 2019 where professionals related to technology / video / music globally are gathering as one of its value validation and we gather feedback on demo experience and make improvements and validation process until December 2019.
Roles as follows.


Provide Comptics technology
Provide haptic contents


Provide video and sound contents

SXSW2019 Outline of Exhibition

NTT will ehibit two concepts using Comptics.

1.Perticipative Costume by NTT

As a new experience utilizing Comptics, we will demonstrate new directional interactions between performers and audiences through tactile sensations such as experiential musicals.

Concept image of Participative Costume
Concept image of Participative Costume

2.Haptics VR Theater “ME-HADA” by TFC, NIBAN-KOBO, and NTT

NTT, TFC and NIBAN-KOBO present the Haptic VR Theater “ME-HADA”, will showcase for the first time the expansion of the video production and the prototype that demonstrates experience that you have never experienced before.

Concept image of ME-HADA
Concept image of ME-HADA

In the two exhibits, Comptics provides the user with a haptic experience.



Date March 8 -17, 2019
Location Austin, Texas, USA
Booth #925, Hall 2-5, Austin Convention Center
Detail SXSW is a creative business festival whose themes are Music, Film, and Interactive. It began as a music festival in 1987, and has continued to grow in both scope and size every year. Now it is the world’s largest festival of its type, attracting tens of thousands from all over the world. In recent years, IT services such as Twitter has become a global service from SXSW exhibition, and attention has gathered that more than 1500 participants come from Japan in 2018.

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