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MPEG-4 ALS-compliant codec technology

- Audio lossless coding technology compliant with international standards -


This newly developed audio lossless compression encoding/decoding library complies with the relevant international MPEG standards, uses NTT-developed speed enhancement technology, can be built into MPEG devices, and supports profiles for mobile terminals. Application samples are also provided.


This codec library is used for lossless compression encoding/decoding of audio signals using internationally standardized MPEG-4 ALS.

It can be built into devices and supports profiles for mobile terminals. The encoding/decoding can be performed at real time with a DSP or a built-in CPU.

MPEG-4 ALS-compliant codec library

[Fig.]MPEG-4 ALS-compliant codec technology

Application fields

  • Live video delivery for which audio signals are important
  • IP radio, IP TV and similar services
  • Downloaded music sales
  • Mobile music players
  • Audio archives


  • MPEG-4 ALS, an international standard for audio lossless coding, can be built into devices
  • The library supports profiles for mobile terminals
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