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Intelligent microphone technology

- Attaining a high-quality phone call or accurate speech recognition in a very noisy environment -

Do you have the problems shown below? This technology will solve them!

In a very noisy environment, as inside a factory, at a construction site or in a moving vehicle or train, it is difficult to communicate accurately and easily. Therefore, there has been a strong demand for a tool that makes accurate communication possible, a tool that will ensure high work efficiency and security in a noisy environment.

This technology provides a communication tool that is effective in a noisy environment where you may have the following wishes:

  • I want to operate machines using voice commands or to talk hands-free in a factory or at a construction site where machines generate a loud noise.
  • I want to operate my car navigation system using voice commands even when the car stereo is on or when the surrounding traffic is noisy.
  • I want to make an urgent call on a train, at a site near heavy traffic or at an event venue.


The acoustic signal processing used by the intelligent microphone technology separates the target voice from ambient noise with a high degree of accuracy by focusing on the directions from which different sounds are coming, the frequency characteristics of the sounds, and changes in the sound intensities over time.

This has made possible what it has been difficult to achieve with the conventional technology, specifically offering the following:

  • (1) Maintain the quality of the target voice;
  • (2) Reduce the power of the surrounding noise to about one ten-thousandth;
  • (3) The microphone system can be made compact and uses only a small number of components (2 or 3 microphone elements).

As a result, a clear high-quality call is possible even amid an overall noise level of 100 dB*.

When combined with a variety of other terminals, this technology is suitable for voice-input applications where it has been technically difficult to remove noise. It can be used in a wide range of voice and acoustic businesses. It is suitable not only for applications where there is a loud ambient noise but also for businesses in which it is necessary to ensure high voice quality, such as medical and welfare businesses and information communication services.

*.This level is equivalent to the noise generated under an elevated bridge when a train passes overhead.

[image] Intelligent microphone technology
Intelligent microphone technology

Application fields

  • Business solutions and information communication services
  • Construction and civil engineering, operation and maintenance, and disaster prevention and security
  • Life support, medical care and welfare
  • Entertainment


Since this technology uses acoustic signal processing that requires only inexpensive general-purpose microphone elements, the intelligent microphone system can be customized to suit the required usage or target specification.

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