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Integrated operation management software supporting OSS (Crane)

- Software for operation and management of systems that include OSS products -


This software makes it possible to operate and manage OSS products tightly, at low cost. In addition to monitoring OSs, web applications, network devices, etc., this software defines individual transactions of a given business operation as jobs, and manages monthly or other periodic scheduling for executing a series of jobs (called a job net). Having this job managing function, the software can be applied to the operation and management of information processing systems. It also has capabilities to provide operation and management services for customers.


This software operates and manages information processing systems, and is scalable to handle systems of different sizes, from small to large ones. It has rich job management capabilities. It can monitor and control almost all server OSs in addition to OSS products. It also has capabilities needed to provide operation and management services, such as the capability to define what items are to be monitored and controlled for each user and the capability to allow self-monitoring.

Main functions of Crane
Function Notes
Monitoring Software monitoring OS(virtual environment) Linux(KVM,VMware,Xen), Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, VMware
OSS middleware/DBMS JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, PostgreSQL, Oracle
Hardware monitoring General parts (CPU, memory, drivers)  
Servers*, strage facilities* *: Provision of MIB(direct specification of OID) required
SNMPv1/v2c/v3, ICMP, ICMPv6
Network divice monitoring SNMP(standard MIB, private MIB*), ping
Capabilities for the provision of operation and management services Centralized operation and management of the same server by multiple users Provide a monitoring and operation view for each user
Self-monitoring(monitoring of the monitoring function itself)  
Job management and control functions Job management Calendar-based scheduling Current day, operation time of the day, monthly, daily, etc.
Job and job net design using a GUI tool Definitions of calendar, schedule and job nets
Display of the operation state Display of completion or progress of each job and each job net
History of authentication, access control, and operations  

Application fields

  • Application to system integration of information systemsk
    The software can be used as an operation and management system for information systems built by customers.
  • Centralized management of data centers
    A monitoring service or an operation and management service can be provided for multiple users.
  • Monitoring service for corporate customers
    Customers' facilities and network can be monitored via access circuits as a supplementary service of a network


  • 1. Option of direct monitoring or monitoring via a network
    Servers can be directly monitored and controlled using a dedicated agent. It is also possible to monitor them using the SNMP function that comes with network devices and OSs, and a variety of protocols of the servers, instead of using a dedicated agent.
  • 2. Capabilities for the provision of operation and management services
    The software provides a centralized operation and management function for cases where the operation and management facilities are shared by multiple users, and a self-monitoring function to check whether or not operation and management can be continued correctly.
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