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Advertising effect measurement engine

- The advertising effects of digital signage can be efficiently measured from a camera image. -

Do you have the problems shown below? This technology will solve them!

Digital signage is an advertising system that uses displays that are connected to a network and are located outdoors, in front of stores, in public spaces, or in public transportation facilities.

It is rapidly making inroads as a new type of advertising medium because digital signage allows you to specify when, where and what content to display for each type of target consumer.

Based on an image taken by a camera, our technology can provide answers to the following questions that advertisers often have.

  • Will this advertising be worth the outlay? Is the advertisement as effective as we had hoped?


This technology consists of three elements; (1) congestion measurement technology, which counts the number of people present at the site concerned, (2) passing people counting technology, which counts the number of people passing through the site, and (3) face detection/face angle detection/attribute identification technology, which detects faces, angles of the faces and the attributes of the persons concerned, such as their sex and age bracket.

The technology computes the advertising effect index by combining a camera image taken at the site and image processing technology, and outputs the obtained index as log data. In particular, since the sex and age bracket of the people are automatically determined, the measurement of advertising effects can be tuned to a particular marketing segment.

By measuring the above-mentioned data continuously using this technology, it is possible to analyze the characteristics a particular site for each day of the week and each period of the day. This will make high-precision marketing and/or advertising planning possible at a site where a large number of people are present, such as a railway station or an event facility. The technology can also be used for other applications, such as providing a supporting role in security management. It will enable digital signage to provide added value and give rise to new business opportunities in fields outside advertising.

[Fig.] Advertising effect measurement engine

Application fields

  • Provision of advertisement distribution services
  • System integration (creation of an advertising effect assessment system)
  • Playing a supporting role in security management


  • This technology can count the number of people at a site when it is congested more accurately than the technologies currently available on the market.
  • It can detect the faces of people and determine their attributes more accurately than the technologies currently available on the market even when the people are looking slightly away from the camera.
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