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Annotation technology

- Know-how-filled annotations can enhance your business efficiency -

Do you have the problems shown below? This technology will solve them!

As business operations in the office become increasingly varied, business systems need to be operated accurately and efficiently, and the system administrator needs to amass know-how on system operations and share it with the users. On-the-job training (OJT) and manuals, which have been employed for these purposes, are expensive and time-consuming, and they require the user to actively take the initiative to read relevant manuals.

This technology attaches electronic sticky notes (i.e., annotations) on the window so that the user can get necessary information instantly. This is the answer to the following needs:

  • I want to share operational details and expert know-how with other users quickly.
  • I want to ensure that incorrect operation of systems can be easily prevented.
  • I want the ability to support multiple languages to facilitate globalization and to do this easily.
  • I want to achieve the above at low cost without having to modify the existing system.


This technology makes it possible to display information that a user has, such as know-how on user operations, on the application window in the form of annotations without having to modify the existing application. Other users can operate the application easily be referring to the attached annotations.

The technology features the following:

  • (1)Know-how can be displayed freely and directly.
    Since the technology to recognize the target of the system or application uses image data that is displayed on desktop window, annotations can be displayed freely and directly on any application currently being displayed.
  • (2)Information about know-how can be created, edited and shared quickly.
    Since a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is intuitively operative for creating and editing annotations, the user can create and edit annotations easily without any need to learn detailed steps, enabling him/her to share know-how with other users with ease.
  • (3)Annotations can be introduced to the existing environment without any need to modify it.
    Since the annotation generation program runs on the user terminal, no extra load is imposed on the business system server. The annotation capability becomes available just by copying this program into the user terminal. There is no need to modify the existing environment.
    In addition, since this program works independent from the target systems or applications, and works only with the function of Operating System(OS) apart from those systems or applications, user does not have to remodel those systems or applications to add annotations.

This technology enables the user to operate his/her system efficiently, reduces the workload of creating manuals, and shortens the required training period. It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as system localization to enable information to be displayed in the language of the viewer.

[Fig.] Features of annotation technology
Features of annotation technology

Application fields

  • Information services
  • Business support (operation, maintenance and management)
  • Public welfare services, education, training
  • Entertainment


This technology makes it possible to create and edit annotations in any application in business systems without the need to modify the application. It is not dependent on any particular system.


  • In Japan, NTT possesses unrivalled usage know-how and unique technologies for a wide range of anonymization methods.
  • By introducing this technology into the userís Big Data analysis process, the user can analyze data with measures for a high degree of privacy protection and security management.
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