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Product Introduction

NTT (Holding Company) welcomes your product introduction. Make all necessary entries in the Product Introduction Form and submit it.

The following precautions should be fully understood in submitting the form:

  • (1) Please note that such introduced product information will be treated as an introduction to NTT (Holding Company), but from time to time, it may be shared among NTT Group companies including NTT-EAST and NTT-WEST. Meanwhile, if you want to introduce your product information only to NTT (Holding Company) or any of individual NTT Group companies, please make contact directly with that company. To make contact only with NTT (Holding Company), follow this inquiry form.
  • (2) Neither NTT (Holding Company) nor each of the NTT Group companies is responsible for any confidentiality obligation. Please note that none of them is responsible for the handling of information introduced and/or any damage suffered by you in relation thereto.
  • (3) If you have any difficulty in explaining your product adequately without secret information, please note so in the 'Special remarks' column and fill in this form excluding secret information.
  • (4) Submitted personal information will be used for our procurement related activities only. Please see NTT (holding company) privacy policyAnother window opens..

Product Introduction Form(SSL)

*Please choose this form if your browser cannot display the SSL form properly.

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