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Prompt Restoration of Communications ServicesPrompt Restoration of Communications Services

Leveraging mobile equipment to restore services

Power supply vehiclesPower supply vehicles

Power supply vehiclesWhen communications building and wireless base station backup power sources (batteries, engines) have ceased functioning after prolonged grid power outages, we dispatch power supply vehicles capable of supplying up to 2,000 kVA (equivalent to the electricity consumption of several hundred households) to keep the facilities running.

Portable satellite equipmentPortable satellite equipment

Portable satellite equipmentThese units use satellite links to provide Internet access and connect emergency use public phones deployed at evacuation centers.

Portable digital wireless unitsPortable digital wireless units

Portable digital wireless unitsWhen trunk lines connecting communications buildings have been damaged, these units are deployed on both sides to restore transmissions between the buildings as a stopgap measure until lines are repaired.

Wireless IP communications vehicles (nicknamed "WiFi Car") and communications rescue vehiclesPortable digital wireless units

Wireless IP communications vehicles (nicknamed 'WiFi Car') and communications rescue vehiclesWe provide prioritized calling under Japanese law to assist in disaster response and recovery, and in the maintenance of public order.
Because prioritized calling transmissions are given precedence over ordinary calls, they are less likely to be affected by network congestion in the aftermath of the disaster.

Wireless IP communications vehicles (nicknamed 'WiFi Car') and communications rescue vehicles

Satellite entrance mobile base stationsSatellite entrance mobile base stations

Satellite entrance mobile base stationsThese satellite circuit-equipped vehicles are mobilized when an earthquake or other disaster strikes to provide coverage in areas in which mobile phone communications have been disrupted.

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