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  • · [ Change to Laboratory Group System, Establishment of Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group ]
  • · Development of 1-Volt LSI Circuit Technology(MT-CMOS, 1V-MASH)
  • · Fabrication of Mono-electron Transistor Prototype using Si Quantum Wire formed on the SIMOX Substrate
  • · Verification of Tomonaga-Luttinger fluid in One-dimensional Quantum Thin Line
  • · Successful Holographic Video Record using Eu:Y2SiO5 Crystal
  • · Invention of the Binary Characteristic Image Recognition Method using Complemantal Similarity Measure
  • · Development of Programmable Optical Frequency Filter
  • · Successful Build-up of Thin Film EMI Noise Filter


  • · Development of Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Sputtering Apparatus for Conductive Thin Films
  • · Fabrication of 0.25 µm Bulk CMOS using Copper Interconnection
  • · Successful Fabrication of Large Scale Gate Array LSI using 0.25 µm CMOS/SIMOX Technology
Large Scale Gate Array LSI using 0.25µm CMOS/SIMOX Technology
  • · Successful Detection of High Sensitivity Neurotransmitter
  • · Observation of Interference Effect of Superconducting Electric Current in Semiconductor
  • · Commercial use of F-WINC Optical Branch Module for Aurora System
  • · Development of Wavelength Division (De)Multiplexers using Arrayed Waveguide Gratings for Multiple Wavelength Optical Transmission
  • · Development of a 1.5 µm-Band Fluoride Optical Fiber Amplifier


  • · [ Name Change from LSI Laboratories to System Electronics Laboratories ]
  • · Development of High Speed Data Transmission using High Speed Optical Interconnection
  • · Development of Hybrid Integrated WDM Optical Transceiver Module
Hybrid Integrated WDM Optical Transceiver Module
  • · Development of Tera-bit scale Surface Reflection Controlled Optical Switch
  • · Successful Miniaturizing and High-density PLC Fiber-Optic System for Optic Access System
  • · Development of Broadband Amplifier for Optical Repeater
  • · Development of Probe-collection Tunneling Luminescence Microscopy
  • · Establishment of Unified Diffusion Model Making High Precision Si Device Process Simulation
  • · Experimental Verification of Fund Rule for Semiconductor Artificial Atom
  • · Suggestion of High Speed and High Definition Image Access (Active Access Method)
Hybrid Integrated WDM Optical Transceiver Module
  • · Development of HiPIC Board for Image Recognition Processing
  • · Development of Law Discovery Algorithm RF5
  • · Development of Bilingual Aligned Corpus Construction System (BACCS)


  • · Development of 40 Gbit/s High-Speed ATM Switching LSI
  • · Publication of Goi-Taikei--- A Japanese Lexicon
A Japanese Lexicon
  • · Development of Nanohole Material using Microscopic Structure-Batch Formation Technique
  • · Successful Observation of Nerotransmitter
  • · Successful Control of Single electron Tunnel by Microwave Optical Excitation
  • · Development of Silicon Single-electron Devices for Integration
  • · Successful Ultrafast Circuits using Resonance Tunneling Devices
  • · Development of X-ray Stepper for 100 nm scale LSI Light Exposure
  • · Development of Uni-Traveling Carrier Photo Diodes
X-ray Stepper for 100-nm scale LSI Light Exposure
  • · Development of Wideband Tellurite Optical Fiber Amplifier
  • · Development of Semiconductor-Array-Lattice Integrated Optical Devices
  • · Development of Wave Selector Hybrid Integrating Array Waveguide Lattice and SS-SOA Gate Switch
  • · Development of Optimal Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms
  • · Classification of Smiles Mechanism
  • · Development of Speech Dialogue System Noddy
  • · Succeeded in directly observing "Pauli's Principle"

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