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  • · Announcement of our vision "Toward an Information Sharing Industry for the 21st Century"
  • · [ Establishment of Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group (consisting of six Laboratories) ]
  • · Successful growth of a single-crystal silicon having a new crystal structure
  • · Start of Joint Project of IWATE-UNU-NTT Environmental Network
  • · Development of a new material for air poles for cryogenically-operated solid electrolytic type fuel cells
  • · Development of a news-flash-type Japanese-to-English machine translation system, ALTFLASH
  • · Development of a time-series active search method for instantaneous search of sounds and images
  • · Development of a low-power 2.5 -Gbit/s optical transmitter module of optical connector size
a low-power 2.5-Gbit/s optical transmitter module
  • · Development of a method of controlling semiconductor laser polarization characteristics using electron spin operation
  • · Successful laser oscillation using electrochemical light emission
  • · Development of a 16 x 16 thermal-optical matrix switch
  • · Successful manufacture of silicon polymers whose helical direction reverses depending on temperature
  • · Development of a word/chinese character affinity database
  • · Development of a contact-type, highly secure, multi-purpose IC card
  • · Start of joint research on leading-edge technology with MIT in the U.S
  • · Successful 3-Tbit/s optical transmission tests
  • · Clarification of the mechanism of "viewing moving objects"
  • · Successful development of one-chip fingerprint authentication unit


  • · [ Reorganization of NTT into NTT Group under a holding company]
  • · Construction of Digital City Kyoto
  • · Development of a computer (DUG-1) capable of using discretion in responding to spoken words
  • · Start of a verification test of a next-generation network
  • · Development of a vision of unifying single-core optical connectors by using the low-cost MU type connector
  • · Acquisition by Atsugi R&D Center of ISO14001 certification
  • · Development of a voltage fluctuation monitor for stable power supply to networks
  • · Development of lightning protection adapters for use in areas hit by heavy thunderstorms
  • · Development of optical switches that operate on a new principle of thermal capillary effects
  • · Demonstration of feasibility of ultra-low noise optical amplification that overcomes the quantum limit
  • · Development of an inverter circuit using a single-electron transistor
  • · Development of a power supply for an optical network unit (πp-ONU) hub
  • · Successful integration of a high performance semiconductor optical filter and an optical detector on a single chip
  • · Development of a pollen forecasting system


  • · Development of a large-capacity, full-mesh network system using an orbiting arrayed waveguide grating filter
full-mesh network system
  • · Development of a new material that allows highly efficient electro-magnetic field emission
  • · Successful transmission of ultra-high-definition video on a broadband network
  • · Development of a technology for instantaneous search of sounds and videos on the Internet
  • · Development of Super high definition image display technology for thin displays
  • · Development of LSI PCA-1, which can autonomously change its own circuit functions
  • · Successful 1.28-Tbit/s, time-divison multiplex transmission experiment at a single wavelength using femtosecond optical pulses
  • · Development of an spoken dialog system, "Hiyumu"
  • · Development of a large-capacity 1,000-channel AWG
  • · Development of the world's smallest, high-precision positioning device(integrated micro-encoder)
  • · Start of a verification trial of a pollen forecasting service in the metropolitan area
  • · Development of a high-sensitivity, night-vision monitoring system with image recognition capability


  • · Development of "SIONet": New Peer-to-Peer Technology not requiring a Server
  • · Development of Photonic MPLS Router Supporting Future Super-Large-Capacity Internet Backbone
MPLS Router
  • · Development of Broadband Optical Amplifier (Tellurite Raman Optical Fiber Amplifier), Indispensable for Large-Capacity DWDM Transmission Systems
  • · Implementation of Surface Emitting Laser for Optical Communications Operating at one-hundredth of the Current Required by Conventional Devices
  • · Launch of World's First Evaluation Trial of 2000-line-class Digital Cinema
Digital Cinema
  • · Field Test for 'TSUNAGARI'Communication (service) --Fostering a sense of propinquity to people living apart
  • · Development of Automatic Internet Diagnosis System for Diagnosing Route Failures between Multiple ISPs: "ENCORE"
  • · Clarification of Visual Sense System Mechanism for Increasing Image Contrast
  • · Development of a Method for Measuring Listening Comprehension Ability Which Is Adapted to Daily Life, - a Task Which Has Been Difficult up to Now
  • · Success on Direct Observations of the electron distribution in quantum dots
  • · Development of STP Process Technology for Fabrication of New Functional Devices

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