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  • · Announcement of the "Vision for New 'Optical' Generation" Initiative
  • · The Lifestyle and Environmental Technology Laboratories and Telecommunications Energy Laboratories were dissolved. The Microsystem Integration Laboratories were established.
  • · NTT streams Super High Definition movies in the global-scale high-speed networks
  • · Over 300 channel WDM transmission system using single light source
  • · Development of portable sensor for monitoring environmental benzene gases
  • · Ring-type ubiquitous audio receiver
  • · A high-speed optical signal demultiplexing device is developed
Development of Photonic Crystal Fiber
  • · The integrated circuit for optical communications of world maximum high speed is developed
  • · A new Illusion of Jittery Motion Seen in a Static Picture
  • · Blind Source Separation of Audio Signals
  • · Observation of qubit operations in an artificial molecure
  • · Fabrication of Semiconductor Diamond thin films
Fabrication of Semiconductor Diamond thin films


  • · Development of Photonic Crystal Fiber
Development of Photonic Crystal Fiber
  • · Extended IP Multicast Protocol (IGAP) for Content Delivery Systems
  • · 120-GHz Gigabit Wireless Link
120-GHz Gigabit Wireless Link
  • · Portable Fingerprint Identification Device (FingerToken)
  • · Development of Large-Scale Integrated Optical Switches Based on Silica Waveguide
  • · Photonic RAM: The Key for Facilitating an Optical Router Development
  • · Very Quick Search of Audio and Video Signals --Global Pruning Method Enables Searching through Two Weeks' Worth of Audio/Video Data in One Second
  • · Parametric Mixture Model for Detecting Multiple Topics of Text
  • · Observation of the Spin Selection Rule in Semiconductor Artificial Atoms --Toward Quantum Computing
  • · Development of a Diamond Microwave Power Device
  • · Development of Supercritical Dryer for Ultra-Fine Patterning


  • · Experimental Success of Wide-Area HD Streams by Flexcast toward the Broadband and Ubiquitous Era
  • · Internet Video Studio System for HDTV Production (i-Visto)
  • · Two Fundamental Technologies (GMPLS and GSMP) for Controlling a Photonic Network
  • · Cellular Phone Application Merging Virtual Objects into the Real World (PopRi)
  • · Portable BTX Gas Sensor
  • · Ultrasmall Audio Receiving Unit (VoiceUbique)
  • ·  Compact Lasers Generating Arbitrary Wavelength Light
  • · KTN Crystals with the Highest Reported Electro-Optic Effect
  • · Ultrahigh-Speed 100-Gbit/s IC for Optical Communication Systems
  • · Clarifying the Computing Power of Quantum Computers -Differences Between Quantum and Classical Circuits in Performing Basic Arithmetic Operations
  • · Find that Background Music! -Quick Retrieval Method for Background Music Signals (DAL)
  • · Investigation of HDAG Kernels -New Text Similarity with Consideration to Grammar and Meaning Structure
  • · Millimeter-Wave Amplification of Diamond Field-Effect Transistor
  • · Three-Dimensional Nanofabrication Using Electron-Beam Lithography -The World's Smallest Globe


  • · 1,000 Channel WDM Transmission
  • · Container Administrative Experiment by Using Active RFID Tags
  • · Human Area Networking Technology (RedTacton)
  • · Single-Chip Fingerprint Identification LSI
Single-Chip Fingerprint Identification LSI
  • · Compact and Low-Driving-Voltage Semiconductor Mach-Zehnder Modulator
  • · 10-Gbit/s Directly Modulated Distributed-Feedback Laser
  • · Extremely Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Technology
  • · Recalibration of Audio-Visual Simultaneity
  • · Demonstration of Multi-Photon Rabi Oscillation of Josephson Quantum Bits
  • · Quantum Key Distribution Experiment over an Optical Fiber

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