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For realizing prosperous Information-Sharing Society

In the new century, whose opening was marked by remarkable progress in IT technology, an enormous amount of information will travel around the world, and the nature of the information exchanged will be very varied. We call such world "Information-Sharing Society." The drastic increase in the amount of shared information will cause change in quality of every aspect of life. Information-Sharing Society emerging in this century will potentially lead us to an era more prosperous than anybody has ever experienced.

The mission of NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group is to advance cutting-edge technologies that will provide seeds for NTT's business in coming 10 years, to found novel principles and concepts that will entirely revolutionize IT services in the future, and to advance technologies that will reduce impact on the global environment for realizing fruitful Information-Sharing Society as early as possible.

To meet these needs, the five Laboratory of NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group are undertaking R&D in the three research areas.

These areas are futuristic communications and networks, photonic technology and ubiquitous technology, and science, respectively.

The five Laboratory face and overcome numerous challenges in their respective areas of technical expertise.

Chart: Research Areas & Flow of Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group

NTT Science and Core Technology Group overview

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