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  • Service Innovation Laboratory Group

    Senior Vice President  Katsuhiko Kawazoe

    Backed by our advanced "information processing", "media processing" and "security technologies", we are developing "secure cloud computing platform" and are "creating innovative ICT services" that can be deployed on that platform and will enrich society and our lives.

    Senior Vice President Katsuhiko Kawazoe

  • Service Evolution Laboratories

    Vice President  Ryuji Kubozono

    Creation of innovative broadband and ubiquitous services and technologies, and research and development of service provision platform configuration

    Vice President Ryuji Kubozono

    introduction to projects

  • Media Intelligence Laboratories

    Vice President  Hideaki Ozawa

    Research on elemental media processing technologies, which provide the basis for broadband and ubiquitous services, and development of engines for these technologies

    Vice President Hideaki Ozawa

    introduction to projects

  • Software Innovation Center

    Vice President  Masahisa Kawashima

    Promotion of open innovation centering on the development of open source platforms, collaborative service development with NTT operating companies, and other R&D

    Vice President Masahisa Kawashima

    introduction to projects

  • Secure Platform Laboratories

    Vice President  Kazuhiko Ohkubo

    Research and development of cryptography and security technologies essential to a safe and secure society

    Vice President Kazuhiko Ohkubo

    introduction to projects

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