Thin and Low-friction Indoor Optical Fiber

Technological fields
Telecommunications Network Technologies
  • MDU: multi-dwelling unit
  • Direct-optical-cabling system
  • Existing piping
Laboratory organization
NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories

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In response to diversification of services, reduction of OPEX (operating expenses), etc., thin and low-friction indoor optical fiber—which provides optical-fiber services for all units in multi-dwelling apartment blocks via existing pipework—has been developed.

Installation in and removal from pipe is much easier than in the case of conventional fiber, thereby effectively promoting the conversion of apartment buildings to optical-fiber .


  • Compatibility with all apartments by utilizing existing pipe (new pipe construction along with installation of new optical fiber is unnecessary)
  • Effects on existing cable during installation work are avoided, and cable can be removed in the event of trouble
  • Conversion to low-pulling force and application of a cable-pushing method that does not use the leading wires of the conventional method enable efficient installation in a short time
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Application scenarios

  • Multi-dwelling units like apartment blocks
  • Office buildings