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R&D Activity

October 2018 Review of Activities

R&D Activity
October 2018 Review of Activities

Read about R&D activities at NTT Laboratories by clicking on the following links to this year's R&D Annual Report.


We introduce the "corevo" brand AI technologies developed by NTT Group that serve as key technologies for advancing the creation of new value.

•Create synthetic speech of multiple languages while keeping the same voice individuality.
Cross-lingual Speech Synthesis PlatformNEW Window

•Multi-Lingual speech recognition with automatic language identificationNEW Window
•Anomalous Sound Detection Technology to detect anomalies in equipment from operating soundsNEW Window
•Non-linguistic recognizer RexSense identifies speaker information (male or female; adult or child) and emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, neutral) in speechNEW Window
•Customer Service Dialog Understanding Technology assists operators by visualizing the structure of conversations with callers.NEW Window
•Identify system anomalies without specialized knowledge and automate predictive failure detection and inference of cause
The Lognosis integrated log analysis technologyNEW Window

•Discovers and conveniently links scattered devices.
Tacit Computing: optimization technology for distributed resourcesNEW Window

•Support and streamline operator tasks using operation logs
OpCon (Operation Concierge) technology for the recording and use of detailed operation logs in operator tasksNEW Window

•Promoting smarter city by leveraging area information using AI
A smart city platform for leveraging area informationNEW Window

•Driver Assistance System Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning for smoothing driving using vehicle driving dataNEW Window
•Supports the streamlining of sales activities by predicting incoming orders using sales-related learning data.
SalesTech for intelligent classification and processing of accumulated data to accurately predicting imbalanced events.NEW Window

•Beyond question-answering style dialogue: Interactive communication robots that explore topicsNEW Window
•Cross-media Scene Analysis: Predicting objects' visuals from only audioNEW Window

Network and Security

We introduce network and security related technologies that will support a future in which advanced technologies are widely utilized in everyday life.

•Improve software development productivity
Web application framework “Macchinetta”NEW Window

•Simplifying construction and operation of data centers with software control
Software-enabled Service Infrastructure technology for building and operating data centersNEW Window

•Secure cross-sectional analysis of data from multiple companies
Secure computation system “San-Shi”NEW Window

•Supporting creation of Anonymously Processed Information that is both safe and useful
Personal data anonymization softwareNEW Window

•Resilient Security Engine
Security orchestration technology that corroborate sandboxes and threat-data platform, implementing initial responses to targeted attacks.NEW Window

•Identifying critical cyber attacks from massive numbers of alerts
Advanced alert triage technology for Web application securityNEW Window

•Secure communication between IoT devices
Authenticated key exchange protocol for IoT devicesNEW Window

•Detection of Zero-day attacks undetectable by off-the-shelf WAFs
Web application attack detection log analysis engineNEW Window

•Detect DDoS attacks from flow data in seconds, detect DDoS attacks very accurately by linking with analysis of the darknet and DDoS honeypots
DDoS early analysis and detection technologyNEW Window

•Create networks safe from disaster
Routing technology that considers the effects of large-scale disastersNEW Window

•Providing best-fitting networks by integrating and controlling commodity products
Multi-Service Fabric (MSF)NEW Window

•Secure and low-cost user-friendly authentication ecosystem
Reliable control technology linking real and virtualNEW Window

•MOOSIA: Simplifying startup and continuation
Mechanism and technology to support 3 phases: develop, operate and improve serviceNEW Window

•Implement services on the spot, according to need
Provides the optimal network slice to match a serviceNEW Window

•Zero-touch operation, to reduce and equalize maintenance work
Zero-touch operationNEW Window

•Simplify operation with next generation RPA!
Annotation Technology: Display operational support information on a PC screenNEW Window

•Increase wireless LAN throughput by controlling access points from the network
Radio resource control technology for cooperative wireless LANsNEW Window

•Increase wireless LAN capacity by significantly reducing interference power
Cooperative wireless LAN distributed smart antenna technologyNEW Window

•Accomplish rapid recovery operation by Network-AI technology learning of operator's knowledge
Automatically estimate failure points technology for networkNEW Window

•Radically update manhole cover pattern
Develop manhole covers that are resistant to wear and facilitate inspectionNEW Window

•Estimates cavities in concrete backing, to eliminate risk early!
Technology to prioritize shield tunnel cavity inspectionNEW Window

•Non-destructive ultrasonic inspection technology able to determine residual strength of concrete
Non-destructive inspection technology for polymer-concrete manholes.NEW Window

•Accurate strength estimation to clarify reinforcement standards and accurate inspection schedules and a total maintenance management technology, to achieve operation for 100 years or more.
Developed maintenance and management technology for resin concrete manholesNEW Window

•Use of robotics technology for safe inspection without entering the manhole
Manhole top-slab inspection technology not requiring entryNEW Window

•Equipment to increase utilization of satellite relay equipment and improve maintenance and operability
COM-U satellite channel terminal equipmentNEW Window

•Where are Wi-Fi dead zones?
Radiowave environment visualization technologyNEW Window

•Key technology supporting future ultra-high-capacity optical networks
Advanced ultra-high-speed digital coherent optical transmission technologyNEW Window

•Ultra-high-capacity multi-core optical transmission technology
Next-generation 1-Petabit/s ultra-high-capacity space division multiplexing optical communication technologyNEW Window

•Implementing low-latency image processing services on the cloud using FPGAs
Hardware acceleration technology for low-latency cloud computingNEW Window

•Visualization of deterioration and lifespan --for telecommunication infrastracture
Materials technology supporting telecommunication infrastructureNEW Window

•Support for facilities management planning based on risk evaluation
Risk-based facilities management technology enabling safety and reliability of external communication facilities to be maintainedNEW Window

Basic Research

A goal of our basic research is to bring about transformation of society. This research is aimed at opening up the future and developing technologies that are friendly to people and the earth.

•Toward terabit-class wireless transmission
Wireless OAM multiplexing technologyNEW Window

•Drastic reduction of power consumption for data communication within servers
Current injection photonic crystal lasers operating with the world's lowest energy consumptionNEW Window

•Phase-sensitive optical amplifier for ultimate low-noise characteristic
Ultra-low-noise optical amplifier using periodically-poled lithium niobateNEW Window

•Free manipulation of ultra-high-speed signals using bandwidth-doubler device technology
Ultra-high-speed modulation through cooperation of ultra-high-speed analog electronic devices and digital signal processingNEW Window

•Ultra-low-power-consumption optical circuits on a silicon platform toward low power consumption data communication for datacenter ICT equipmentNEW Window
•Opening ultra-high-speed IC technology
Compound semiconductor technology that is applicable to large-capacity optical communication and terahertz wireless communicationNEW Window

•Ultra-compact light source provides a display function that can be used anywhere and for anything
Visible light circuit technology for evolving display devicesNEW Window

•Expands transmission capacity and extends transmission distance intra/inter- datacenters
Ultra-high-speed avalanche photodiode (50-Gbaud-class)NEW Window

•Search for picture books to match child's interest and development.
The “Pitarie” picture book search systemNEW Window

•Interactive and flexible image generation with deep learning
Free-feature-point image generationNEW Window

•Texture can be felt on a flat magnetic sheet
Magnetic haptic printing technologyNEW Window

•Electron spin control for implementing semiconductor spintronics devicesNEW Window
•Demonstration of highly-precise, high-speed, single-electron manipulation
Ultimate electronics using single-electron control in silicon nanodevicesNEW Window

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