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fiscal 1991

Science and Technology Agency Award for Achievements in Science-

Research on Ultra-fast Silicon Bipolar Integrated Circuits

Tetsushi Sakai

Science and Technology Agency Award for Outstanding Work-related Innovation-

Study of Electronic Beam Exposure Device

Fujio Komata

IEICE Achievement Award-

Development of Very Large Capacity Transmission Techniques

Tetsushi Sakai, Katsuhiko Kurumada

Motooka Award-

Research on Internetworks

Kenichiro Murakami

Carl Zeiss International Award-

Research on Quantum Optics using Semiconductor Laser

Yoshihisa Yamamoto

Telecom System Technology Award-

Online Recognition System for Free-Format Handwritten Japanese Characters

Hiroshi Murase

IEEE Fellow-

For Contribution to and leadership in the development of digital switching systems and technology

Hiromasa Ikeda

OSA Fellow-

For distinguished service in advancement of optics, especially for contributions to understanding of Nd stoichiometric lasers, ultrafast optical pulse generation and nonlinear dynamics in optical system

Tateki Ootsuka

IPSJ Paper Award-

Dependence on Fiber Drawing Conditions of Pure Silica core Single Mode Optical Fiber

Akira Hanawa, Yoshinori Hibino, Masaharu Horiguchi

JSAI Paper Award-

AMI: A New Implementation of the ATMS and its Parallel Execution on a Shared-Memory Multiprocessor

Hiroshi G. Okuno

SSDM'91 Paper Award-

GaAs Tetrahedral Quantum dots: Toward the Zero-dimentional electron hole system

Takashi Fukui, Seigo Ando, Yasuhiro Tokura, Tsuyoshi Toriyama

SSDM'91 Young Research Award-

Switching characterisrics of InGaAs/InP MQW voltage-controlled bistable laser diodes

Hiroyuki Uenohara

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