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fiscal 1993

Science and Technology Agency Award for Outstanding Work-related Invention-

Invention of Fractional-Layer Superlattice Fabrication Technology

Hisao Saito

Science and Technology Agency Award for Outstanding Work-related Innovation-

Research on Gallium Arsenide Integrated Circuit Interconnection Technique

Takashi Makimura

Maejima Prize-

Development of Ultra High Capacity of Optical Transmission System

Kiyoshi Nakagawa, Katsuhiko Kurumada, Tetsushi Sakai

National Invention Award, The Prize of the Commissioner of the Japanese Patent Office-

Invention of Multi-Stage Noise Shaping A-to-D and D-to-A Converters(MASH)

Kuniharu Uchimura, Atsushi Iwata, Tsutomu Kobayashi

IEEE Fellow-

For contributions to photonic devices and nonlinear dybamics in optical system

Takeki Otsuka

IEEE Andrew R. Chi Prize Paper Award-

A Laser-Diode-Based Picosecond Electrooptic Prober for High Speed LSI's

Mitsuru Shinagawa, Tadao Nagatsuma

The Michael A DLunn Award-

MOVPE Growth of InAnP/InGaAsP Quantum Well Structure for Low Threshhold 1.3µm Lasers

Mitsuo Yamamoto

IEICE SCIS Paper Award-

RSA Type Encryption based on Singular Elliptical Curves

Shigenori Kuwama

JSAI Paper Award-

Solution of Real-time Sequence Problem using Multi-Agent Systems

Makoto Yokoo

SSDM Paper Award for 1992-

Misorientaion in GaAs on Si Growth by Migration Enhanced Epitaxy

Kazuhiko Nozawa, Yoshiharu Horie

Applied Physics Award for Encouragement-

In-Situ Interface Control of Pseudomorphic InAs/InP Quantum Well Structure Growth by Surface Photo-Absorption

Koji Kobayashi

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