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fiscal 1996

Science and Technology Agency Award-

Improvement of Hardware Design Envrionment for Communication Systems

Haruo Yakabayashi

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Best Video Award-

General Framework for Appearance Matching

Hiroshi Murase

IPSJ Sakai Memorial Special Award-

Reasearch on the Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problem

Makoto Yokoo

JSAI Convention Award-

Time Scale Management Using Starting/Ending Point Space

Mitsunori Matsushita, Masakatsu Ohta, Toshiyuki Iida

OECC'96 Best Paper Award-

40Gbit/s Baseband-Type Optical Receiver Module Using a Waveguide Photodetector and a GaAs MESFET Distributed Amplifier IC

Hiroshi Tsuda, Akihide Sano, Kazutoshi Kato, Yuki Imai, Kazuo Hagimoto

SSDM Award-

Contribution to the Progress of SOI Device and Process using SIMOX Technology

Katsutoshi Izumi

IEEE J.J.Ebers Award-

For pioneering reseach of high speed bipolar integrated circuits

Tetsushi Sakai

Magnetic Society of Japan Conference Paper Award-

Studies on the Effect of Compositional Separation on the Magnetic Domain Configurations in Sputtered Co-Cr Thin Films Using Magnetic

Yasushi Maeda, Toshifumi Okubo, Koji Takei, David J. Rogers

Applied Physics Society Award B (Encouragement Award)-

Lateral-Size Control of Trench-Buried Quantum Wires Using GaAs/AlAs Superlattice Layers

Tetsuomi Samukawa

Silicon Chemical Society Encouragement Award-

Research on Poly Sirane Synthesis and the Property

Masaie Fusino

ASP/DAC'97 Best Paper Award-

Co-evaluation of FPGA Architectures and the CAD System for Telecommunication

Tsunemasa Hayashi, Atsushi Takahara, Kennozuke Fukami

IEICE SCIS Paper Award-

Integer Factorization Based on Elliptic Curves Whose Orders Have a Given Factor

Noboru Kunihiro

Telecom System Technology Award-

A New Competitive Learning Approach based on Equidistortion Principle for Designing Optimal Vector Quantizers, Neural Networks, vol.,V, no.,W, pp. 1211-1227, 1994.

Nobukatsu Ueda, Ryohei Nakano

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