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fiscal 2007

Gordon Research Conferences Magnesium in Biochemical Processes & Medicine2008/03/03

Gordon Research Conferences Magnesium in Biochemical Processes & Medicine
Magnesium Effect on Brain Neural Development

Keiichi Torimitsu, Youichi Shinozaki, Yuriko Furukawa

IEEE Signal Processing Society Japan Chapter Student Paper Award2007/12/20

A Multipitch Analyzer Based on Harmonic Temporal Structured Clustering

Hirokazu Kameoka

UBICOMM 2007 Best Paper Award2007/12/11

Organization: International Academy, Research, and Industry
A Method of Deducing a User's State of Mind from an Analysis of the Pictographic Characters Used in Mobile Phone Emails

Kazumasa Takami(Soka University)
Yoshikazu Honma(Soka University)
Shinichiro Goto(NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories)

The 6th annual Scientific American 502007/11/30

Storing Photons in a Photonic Crystal
Prevention of Release-Related Sticking in MEMS
Devices by Electrodeposition of Water-Repellent Film

Takasumi Tanabe

Outstanding Paper Award2007/11/14

ACM Ninth International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI 2007)
Automatic Inference of Cross-modal Nonverbal Interactions in Multiparty Conversations --- Who Responds to Whom, When, and How? from Gaze, Head Gestures, and Utterances ---

Kazuhiro Otsuka, Hiroshi Sawada, junji Yamato

IEEE 7th International Workshop on IP Operations & Management (IPOM2007) Best Paper Award2007/11/12

IEEE Communication Society
Analysis of Diagnostic Capability for Hijacked Route Problem

Osamu Akashi, Kensuke Fukuda, Toshio Hirotsu, Toshiharu Sugawara

Honorable Mention2007/11/11

8th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV2007)
Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition Using Variable-Intensity Templates

Shiro Kumano, Otsuka Kazuhiro, Junji Yamato, Eisaku Maeda, Youichi Satoh


International Academy, Research, and Industrial Association
A New QoS Control Scheme using Dynamic Window Size Control for Wide Area Wireless Networks

Fusao Nuno, Yoshitaka Shimizu, Kazuji Watanabe

MNC 2006 Award for Most Impressive Presentation2007/11/06

International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology
Prevention of Release-Related Sticking in MEMS Devices by Electrodeposition of Water-Repellent Film

Tomomi Sakamoto, Kei Kuwabara, Toshishige Shimamura, Nobuo Satoh, Nobuhiro Shimoyama, Masao Nagase, Hitoshi Ishii, Kazuhisa Kudo, Katsuyuki Machida


Organization: ISEC of ESS in IEICE and CSEC in IPSJ
Experiments on the Linear Algebra Step in the Number Field Sieve

Kazumaro Aoki(NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories)
Takeshi Shimoyama(FUJITSU Laboratories)
Hiroki Ueda(Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation)

Proclamation of Technical Excellence2007/10/16

InfraMation 2007
Revealing Invisible Traces of Hand-Object Interactions with Thermal Vision

Yoshio Itaya

SSDM Young Researcher Award2007/09/19

International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials
High Critical electric Field Exceeding 8MV/cm Measured Using AlGaN p-i-n Vertical Conducting Diode on n-SiC Substrate

Atsushi Nishikawa

SSDM Paper Award2007/09/19

International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials
Optical Properties of Dynamically-Modulated Dots and Wires Formed by Surface Acoustic Waves

Tetsuomi Sogawa, Hideki Goto, Yoshiro Hirayama, Noritada Sakuma, Paulo V. Santos AKlaus H. Ploog

MLSP 2007 Data Analysis Competition Award2007/08/27

2007 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Frequency-Domain Blind Source Separation for Convolutive Mixtures of Speech/Audio Signals

Hiroshi Sawada, Syoko Araki, Syoji Makino

Advanced Technology Award2007/07/29

The Nihonkogyo Shimbun Company Limited(The Japan Industrial Journal)
Ultra Fast-Switching, Ultra Low-Power Frequency Synthesizer for Ubiquitous Communications

Hideyuki Nosaka

12th Optoelectronics and Communication Conference IEEE/LEOS Japan Chapter Student Award2007/07/11

Fabrication and Optical Properties of Hybrid-type Pillar Microcavity

Takao Yamaguchi

Best Pater Award2007/07/11

Organization: OECC/IOOC
Ultra-High-Density Optical Fiber Cable and its Appplication as Pre-connectrized Cable with Adjustable Excess Length

Yusuke Yamada(NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Kunihoro Toge(NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Kazuo hogari(NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

Ten Best Regular Papers, The 2007 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications PDPTA'072007/06/25

Organization: Universal Conference Management Systems & Support(UCMSS)
CUE-v3: Data-Driven Chip Multi-Processor for Adhoc and Ubiquitous Networking Environment

Hiroaki Nishikawa(Tsukuba University)
Hiroshi Tomiyasu(Tsukuba University)
Masanobu Okamoto(Tsukuba University)
Masayoshi Sugiyama(Tsukuba University)
Hiroyuki Uchida(Tsukuba University)
Osamu Mizuno(NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories)
Hiroshi Ishii(Tokai University)
Makoto Iwata(Kochi University of Technology)

14th Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conferences (SIMC XIV) Young Scientist Award2007/05/17

Semiconducting and Insulating Materials Conferences
For outstanding contributions in developing and implementing Aluminum Nitride deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes

Yoshitaka Taniyasu


International Academy, Research and Industry,Association
Ring-Based VirtualPrivate Netowork Supported a Large Number of VPNs

Osamu Honda, Hiroyuki Osaki, Makoto Imase, Kazuhiro Matsuda

Grand Prix du Jury, Trophees Laval Virtual (Laval Virtual Award Grand Prix Award)2007/04/20

Laval Virtual

Tomohiro Amemiya, Hideyuki Ando, Taro Maeda

Interfaces de realite virtuelle, Trophees Laval Virtual (Laval Virtual Award, VR Interfaces Award)2007/04/20

Laval Virtual

Tomohiro Amemiya, Hideyuki Ando, Taro Maeda

Photonic & Electromagnenic Crystal Structures (PECS) VII First Place Poster Award2007/04/04

Photonic & Electromagnenic Crystal Structures (PECS)
Low Loss Long Coupled Resonator Optical Waveguides Realized Using Ultrahigh-Q Photonic Crystal Resonators

Eiichi Kuramochi

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