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fiscal 2009

Certificate of Appreciation2010/03/18

Organization: IEEE Standard Association
Outstanding contributions to the development of IEEE Standard 802.3avTM-2009

Akihiro Ohtaka(NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

Young Researcher Award2010/03/01

First Prize for Propagation and Antenna Measurements

Naotoshi ABEKAWA


OSA (Optical Society of America)
For pioneering contributions to optical signal processing based on optical nonlinearities in ultrafast and broadband optical fiber communications systems

Toshio Morioka

Best Paper Award2010/01

Organization: IEEE/ACM COMSNETS 2010
On the Effetiveness of IP reputation for Spam Filtering

Holly Esquivel(University of Wisconsin-Madison),Tatsuya Mori(NTT Service Integration Laboratories),Aditya Akella(University of Wisconsin-Madison)

3rd International Symposium on Nanomedicine The Best Poster Award2009/11/05

Japan Nanomedicine Society
Localization of P2X4 receptors in lipid raft-like structure of in vitro model of cell membrane

Youichi Shinozaki

INTELEC'09 Outstandng Paper Award2009/10

Organization: INTELEC 09
Developing of Higher Voltage Direct-Current Power-feeding Prototype System

Tadatoshi Babasaki(NTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories),Tadahito Aoki(NTT FACILITIES),Toru Tanaka(NTT FACILITIES),Toshimitu Tanaka(NTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories),Yousuke Nozaki(NTT Energy and Environment Systems Laboratories),Fujio Kurokawa(Nagasaki University)

Poster award in Fukuoka Purine 20092009/07/25

organizing comittee for FUkuoka Purine 2009
Direct Visualization of Single Receptor

Youichi Shinozaki

Young Researcher Award2009/05/12

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Japan
A Multipitch Analyzer Based on Harmonic Temporal Structured Clustering

Naoki Saijyo

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