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fiscal 2013

JWRS Best Paper Award 20132014/03/13

Organization: The Japan Wood Research Society
Effect of annual rings on transmission of 100 GHz millimeter waves through wood

Soichi Tanaka(Kyoto University)
Yuko Fujiwara(Kyoto University)
Yoshihisa Fujii(Kyoto University)
Shogo Okumura(Kyoto University)
Hiroyoshi Togo(Microsystem Integraton Laboratories)
Naoya Kukutsu(Microsystem Integraton Laboratories)
Shoji Mochizuki(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

Best Presentation Award2014/03/06

Organization: ISPlasma 2014/IC-PLANTS 2014 Organizing Committee
N-face GaN (000-1) films grwon by group-III source flow-rate modulation epitaxy

ChiaHung Lin(Basic Research Laboratories)

JC-SAT Award2013/10/24

Organization: IEICE/KOSST
Experimental evaluation of Distributed Array Antenna controller for ESV employing 3 antennas

Kohei Suzaki(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Takashi Hirose(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Takatoshi Sugiyama(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

Young Engineer Award2013/10/20

Organization: COIN 2013
Recent research progress in λ-tunable WDM/TDM-PON

Tomoaki Yoshida(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

Best Paper Award2013/09/27

Organization: The Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium 2013
Method for Visualizing Information from Large-scale Carrier Networks

Naoki Tateishi(Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Mitsuho Tahara (Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Naoyuki Tanji(Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Hikaru Seshake(Network Service Systems Laboratories)

Best Paper Award2013/07/03

Organization: OECC 2013
Demonstration of Hierarchical Star 8-QAM Designed for Coexistence of 10G-EPON and DSP-based PON with 30-dB Loss Budget

Noriko Iiyama(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

Certificate of Appreciation for Contributing to the Development of SIEPON Standard.2013/06/18

Organization: IEEE Standard Association
Outstanding contributions to the development of IEEE Standard 1904.1TM-2013 for Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (SIEPON)

Ken-Ichi Suzuki(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Susumu Nishihara(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories (Current Affiliation: NTT Communications))
Masashi Tadokoro(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Daisuke Murayama(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

The IEEE Communications Society Leonard G. Abraham Prize2013/06/10

Organization: IEEE Communications Society
Study and Demonstration of Sleep and Adaptive Link Rate Control Mechanisms for Energy Efficient 10G-EPON

Junichi Kani(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Hirotaka Ujikawa(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Takeshi Sakamoto(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)
Yukihiro Fujimoto(Access Network Service Systems Laboratories)

IM 2013 Best Paper Award2013/05/30

Organization: IFIP/IEEE
Analysis of Content Charge by ISP

Noriaki Kamiyama(Network Technology Laboratories)

ITU-AJ Award2013/05/17

Organization: The ITU Association of Japan
ICT Field Accomplishment

Akira Takahashi(Network Technology Laboratories)

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