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R&D Keynote

NTT R&D undertakes R&D of new technologies and works with NTT group operating companies and parties in various industries to enhance productivity, address security and disaster prevention issues, strengthen industrial competitiveness, and help resolve social issues.

These technologies should be made to feel as natural as possible to users (Fig. 1). To achieve this, it is necessary to take into account several perspectives: gEnhanceh to understand our thoughts better and convey our intention correctly; gUnconscioush to enable people to benefit from advanced technologies without conscious efforts; and gBarrier-freeh to enable individuals to use technologies personally in ways that are adapted to their particular needs or preferences.

What NTT R&D is seeking to achieve

Fig. 1 What NTT R&D is seeking to achieve

From a business standpoint, these technologies should enable enterprises to develop strong bonds with their customers. To achieve this, it is necessary to acknowledge other perspectives: gAwarenessh to rapidly understand changes in customer behavior or surrounding environments: gData-centrich to use various kinds of data processing to innovate business processes, create values, and support decision-making; and gServitizationh to provide events rather than things.

With these targets in view, NTT R&D is pursuing AI, media, IoT, security, network, and basic research. To be able to utilize results from these efforts and to create new values through collaboration with various parties, we need not only to have the ability to master cutting-edge technologies but also to refine the ability to work with partners to combine the strengths of each partyfs technologies. By refining these two abilities, we will contribute to the development of industries and society at large, both domestically and internationally.

(Updated: 2018.04.01)

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