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Research and Development

Role of NTT Group’s Research and Development

As a world-leading ICT conglomerate, NTT Group views research and development as a wellspring of new value to be created in diverse fields through the realization of new technologies. We also recognize that research and development is crucial to our efforts to support customers’ digital transformations as well as to transform individual lifestyles together with NTT Group operating companies. Furthermore, research and development helps us improve productivity; address safety, disaster preparedness, and other issues; and thereby strengthens the competitiveness of industries and resolves social issues. ICT is used in countless fields. We therefore look to overcome challenges through research and development that extends beyond NTT Group to include partnerships with entities from various other industries.

Goals of NTT Group’s Research and Development and Five Key Technologies

The technologies of the future will have to be made to feel more natural to people. There are three perspectives that will need to be adopted to accomplish this objective: “enhance,” the perspective of ensuring that our intent is correctly understood and communicated; “unconscious,” the perspective of allowing people to benefit from sophisticated technologies even if they are not consciously aware of them; and “barrier-free,” the perspective of personalizing technologies to accommodate the differences between individuals.

From the standpoint of companies, there are even more perspectives ­we must account for in future technologies. The perspective of “awareness” looks to maintain up-to-the-moment understanding of changes in customer behavior or operating environment conditions. The perspective of “data-centric” entails making decisions for reforming corporate work processes and creating new value through data processing techniques. The perspective of “servitization” is focused on providing experiences as opposed to goods. Based on all of these perspectives, NTT Group is tasked with creating technologies that help forge stronger bonds between companies and their customers.

With this vision in mind, NTT Group has identified five key technologies that will be crucial for the future: artificial intelligence (AI), media, Internet of Things (IoT), security, and network technologies.

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