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Dec.6, 2019
Innovation: 【R&D IOWN】Natural ICT that supports an aging society has been updated.
Dec.6, 2019
Innovation: 【R&D】"What's IOWN? -Change the World" has been updated.
Nov.25, 2019
Innovation: 【R&D AI】Smart farming solution utilizing drone for satellite Michibiki has been updated.
Oct.24, 2019
Diversity / Next generation support: 【Diversity】Telephone service for users with hearing impairments "Mieru Denwa" has been updated.
Sept.26, 2019
Disaster Countermeasures: 【Disaster countermeasures】Flood information system to protect residents has been updated.
Aug.15, 2019
Diversity / Next generation support: 【Diversity】Hello, We are NTT has been updated.
Jul.26, 2019
Society: 【ICT×Work style】Wearable IoT service has been updated.
May.23, 2019
Environment: 【Energy】NTT Group's "SMART ENERGY BUSINESS" has been updated.
May.16, 2019
Society: 【Smart City】NTT's Smart City Technologies (Las Vegas) has been updated.
Apr.25, 2019
Society: 【ICT×Culture】Niconico Chokaigi Digest movie has been updated.
Apr.15, 2019
Society: 【R&D AI】The image recognition AI, Deeptector - Going beyond human eyes, on behalf of human eyes has been updated.
Apr.5, 2019
Innovation: 【B2B2X】MWC19 Digest movie has been updated.
Mar.28, 2019
Innovation: 【B2B2X】MWC19 NTT Executive interviews has been updated.
Mar.22, 2019
Innovation: 【B2B2X】MWC19 NTT CEO interview has been updated.
Mar.15, 2019
Innovation: 【R&D】Ichiro meets R&D: Congestion prediction by AI "corevo" has been updated.
Mar.10, 2019
Disaster Countermeasures: 【Disaster countermeasures】Not having a connection is not an option. - Further Initiatives - has been updated.
Mar.7, 2019
Innovation: 【B2B2X】NTT MWC19 interview movie_Opening has been updated.
Feb.28, 2019
Society: 【ICT×Work style】Home Work of NTT Com CHEO has been updated.
Feb.22, 2019
Innovation: 【B2B2X】NTT MWC19 teaser has been updated.
Feb.18, 2019
Environment: 【Biological diversity】CSR Commercial: Solution of global issues has been updated.
Feb.18, 2019
Environment: 【Biological diversity】CSR Commercial: Protecting rhinos has been updated.
Feb.7, 2019
Innovation: 【B2B2X】MWC2018 interview movie has been updated.
Jan.31, 2019
Society: 【ICT×Manufacture】MWC2018 NTT Manufacturing Zone Movie has been updated.
Jan.24, 2019
Innovation: 【R&D】Sports Brain Science "Future sports training" has been updated.
Jan.10, 2019
Society: 【ICT×Agriculture】"eSensing For Agriculture" - "Visualize" agriculture by utilizing IoT - has been updated.
Dec.20, 2018
Innovation: 【R&D Media&UI】Kirari! for Arena has been updated.
Dec.20, 2018
Diversity / Next generation support: 【Next generation support】Happy holidays, from Dimension Data has been updated.
Dec.7, 2018
Innovation:【R&D】Deliverer of cheers has been updated.
Nov.29, 2018
Society: 【B2B2X】Recorded image of MWC2018 has been updated.
Nov.12, 2018
NTT Group CSR VIDEO LIBRARY was published.



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