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KEI NISHIKORI Special Series - Moving Forward Together toward the Future

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NTT visualizes the exciting future we have never seen before.
Let's take a look st the image of the new future created together with protennis player, Kei Nishikori.

A new future
created with

[Video] TV commercial: The Training in the future

TV commercial: The Training in the future

"Hey, Kei! Where are you gonna practice?"
Kei Nishikori in Florida, teleports over Tokyo with a futuristic tennis court. Can you imagine such as a fantastic training in the future?

Creating a new future
together with

[Video] TV commercial: GO! 2020

TV commercial: GO! 2020

Kei Nishikori and other amateur athletes, including NTT staff members, express their thoughts in anticipation of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games by writing in the air with their fingers. People from all over Japan also join it and theirs form the letters "GO! 2020" ! Bring your thoughts together for 2020.

Thoughts create the future.
What words would you use to express your thoughts?


Kei and us worked on filming in a relaxed mode all day in Florida, U.S. You can see Kei's natural look differs from the one during the match.

Extra edition:
Kei's smash was too strong, so that he made a hole with the gurad net duling the filming!

Interview with
Kei Nishikori