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A triathlon is an endurance competition that consists of three back-to-back events: swimming, road cycling, and long-distance running.
To support this fiercely contested competition, the NTT Group has entered into
a partnership agreement with the International Triathlon Union and the Japan Triathlon Union.
Using ICT technologies and service infrastructure both in Japan and overseas, the NTT Group provides athletes,
spectators, and organizers alike with services aimed at producing more fulfilling competitions.

Our activities for 2016 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama

Providing Digital Tools for the World Triathlon Series

The NTT Group provided a variety of digital tools for use at World Triathlon Yokohama, which is the world’s leading triathlon event. We supported the athletes and organizers by providing live broadcasts that gave spectators a taste of the energy and excitement at the event. It also provided a smartphone app equipped with groundbreaking new features.

1. Live Broadcasting of Triathlon Events

The paratriathlon (a combination of the words “Paralympics” and “triathlon”) was first held as a Paralympic event at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. Broadcast online, the Elite Paratriathlon race was contested by many top athletes. The race could be watched live via the official website of the Japan Triathlon Union and on the Triathlon Official Smartphone App.

2. Supporting Athletes with the Official Smartphone App

The Triathlon Official Smartphone App provides a number of features for non-elite competitors. As well as helping in terms of race preparations, it also allows users to keep track of their training, record their dietary intake, and see a ranking of their personal bests. It also gives an overview of triathlon events and tourism in Japan.

3. Using a Live Positioning Service to Ensure Smooth Race Operations

The IMADOKO+ navigation app helped ensure that the event was efficiently run by making use of the GPS function on smartphones to determine the real-time location of staff as they moved around over a large area. This live positioning service was provided throughout the triathlon. It displayed the activities and positions of event support staff on an easy-to-read map, which helped make sure that the race went smoothly.

Next-generation Live Tracking Services

Live tracking services are used to gather data on the locations and speeds of participating athletes via a special wearable device. These services were provided for the Tour de France in 2015, and developments are currently underway to introduce their use in triathlons so as to provide participating athletes, spectators, and organizers with a new user experience.