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CES 2021 online has been closed.


The image of 3D virtual room on NTT "DOOR"

Visit CES 2021 Special Room on NTT 3D virtual platform "DOOR", showcasing IOWN-related videos. NTT's contents of CES 2021 will be accessible on the "DOOR" after the middle of February 2021.

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  • Released NTT CES 2021 Special Website

NTT to Exhibit Online at CES 2021,
the World's Most Influential Tech Event

With "IOWN—Breakthrough Innovation for Human Well-Being" as its theme, NTT will present the value and appeal of its IOWN concept and the progress of its efforts to realize the concept.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) will exhibit at CES 2021, the world's most influential tech event, which will be held totally online from Monday, January 11 to Thursday, January 14, 2021. NTT also exhibited at CES in 2020.
Through presentations and videos, NTT will showcase the value and appeal of the IOWN concept * that NTT proposed in May 2019, as well as the progress it is making in its efforts to realize the concept.

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SPOTLIGHT SESSION Live NTT vision for moving IOWN forward

Picture: Jun Sawada (President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT)
Main Speaker
Jun Sawada President and Chief Executive Officer, NTT

Jun Sawada, President and CEO of NTT, talks about how NTT is moving the IOWN initiative forward and its future prospects, hosted by top NTT INDYCAR SERIES driver Takuma Sato.

The IOWN initiative introduces photonics-electronics convergence technology into devices like LSI, silicon chipsets, as well as networks to achieve faster information processing and ultra-low energy consumption.
As a result, it is expected to develop a more flexible computing and communications infrastructure, and make more accurate predictions about the future by cyber physical interaction.

Streaming times:
January 12th, 10:15 am-10:45 am EST (UTC-05:00)
*JST Jan 13th, 00:15 am-00:45 am

EXHIBITOR PRESENTATION On-demand The IOWN initiative for smart world in the future

Picture: Katsuhiko Kawazoe (Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Development Planning, NTT)
Main Speaker
Katsuhiko Kawazoe Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Development Planning, NTT

Dr. Kawazoe, EVP, presents how breakthrough innovation in optical technologies help make IOWN a reality, utilizing three key platform technologies and five use case scenarios.

SHOWCASE GALLERY On-demand Video presenting IOWN-related examples

IOWN for healthcare IOWN for healthcare

Future of medicine to predict diseases, enabling people to have health and hope for the future, including a case of improving the lives of people with dementia in an aging society.

IOWN for the environment IOWN for the environment

Based on a deeper understanding of the environment, IOWN's advanced technologies will improve the energy efficiency of IT devices and help create future energy technologies.

IOWN for agriculture IOWN for agriculture

Smart agriculture system with automated operation and safe remote monitoring of farming machinery by using flexible 5G networks, high-accuracy positioning and IOWN technologies.

IOWN for sports and entertainment IOWN for sports and entertainment

Distributed ultra reality viewing with ultra-low latency networks enables simultaneous immersion in sports viewing even during the pandemic.

IOWN for mobility IOWN for mobility

A new mobility society with a 4D digital platform, enabling to integrate real-time sensing data, while providing latitude, longitude, height and time data for future predictions.


CES 2021 will open exclusively to CES media for press conferences on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.
See the schedule for Media Day.