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2020 x Regional Revitalization Project

Utilizing ICT, the NTT Group is pursuing projects aimed at providing solutions
to various issues that local governments and businesses face.

The NTT Group is able to provide services with high added value and create highly sustainable business models for its local government and business clients throughout Japan, because of its wide-ranging collaborations with parties engaged in these lines of business.

NTT Group

  • Support that makes full use
    of a wide range of business domains
  • Business/tourism support x ICT
    More advanced regional medical treatment x ICT etc.

Business partners

  • Wide-ranging services created through
    collaborations with external business partners
  • Video services x ICT
    More advanced regional medical treatment x ICT etc.

Regional/overseas collaborations

  • From core cities to economic block regions:
    Relations between regions as well as
    between regions and the Tokyo area
  • Overseas collaborations
    (Exports and collaborations involving traditional and local industries)

The NTT Group has a strong track record of business accomplishments resulting from its multi-level development in a variety of fields.
We aim to continue to develop in this way going forward.
We support all of our clients’ efforts to reinvigorate local areas, using solutions created by leveraging the entirety of our operational capabilities.

Revitalizing all of Japan through regional appeal

Interview with Ichiro .03 Revitalizing all of Japan through regional appeal

I believe that Japan’s true appeal lies not just in its most popular cities, but in a combination of the individual characteristics and cultures of its various regions.