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JAPAN WALK GUIDE - Universal Design Map — Toward a Diversity-tolerant Society

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A diversity of people live on the Earth, each with their own unique traits—big people, small people, strong people, weak people, people with small hands and with big hands, right-handed people and left-handed people. NTT believes that the aim of universal design maps is to create a diversity-tolerant society that allows all people to act on an equal footing and to enjoy their lives with a smile on their faces.


– Toward a diversity by a small discovery –



JAPAN WALK GUIDE is a universal design map made by all people for all people with a view to creating a diversity-tolerant society that enables as many people as possible to lead pleasant lives with a sense of security irrespective of age, gender, nationality and ability.

Five major features of JAPAN WALK GUIDE

NTT employees with disabilities also participate in developing the guide.

Making the universal design map easier to understand and more convenient!

  • 1 Using photos to make the guide easier to understand
  • 2 Voice guidance
  • 3 Easy access to information on current location
  • 4 GPS-linked posting feature
  • 5 Filters matching the purpose of use

Universal design information that is easy to read and understand

31 original icons for display

Public restrooms

In addition to facility information, users can also see how much space a stall has and its appearance via photos.


For wheelchair users with specific physical conditions, it is important to know on which side of the toilet seat space is available.

Caution information

The map provides information on bumps, slopes, road widths, road surface status, and other conditions that require caution for pedestrians.


Even gradual slopes, if they are long, can be hard for wheelchair users. Whether or not handrails are available is also important for elderly people and persons with physical disabilities.

The charm of local communities

Users may be able to discover tourist spots and the hidden charm of the area, such as scenic landscapes and unique signboards, that are not listed in guidebooks.


Different people are attracted to different things. An appealing community is one that has a certain charm that attracts many people.

Evacuation shelters

(Posted in some areas)

Evacuation shelters (schools, etc.) are posted on the map. Check their locations to prepare for emergencies.


Evacuation shelters in your community protect you against disasters in an emergency. Be sure to bookmark them!

2. Let's find out more about universal design.

Knowledge of universal design enables you to conceive new ideas, to help other people and to show consideration for people around you. Universal design is a way of thinking to create communities and objects so that anyone can use things freely in any place. But what does it mean to make things that are easy to use for all people? Let's think about that together.

What is Universal Design?

To consider the needs of each and every person.

1 Can be used
by anyone

Easy for anyone from children to adults to use.

2 Information conveyed
through the five senses

Use sounds, figures, colors, and shapes to present information.

3 Intuitive usage

Designed for safe and intuitive usage.

3. Let's work together to create attractive guides.

Developing communities that are friendly to all people, including children and elderly people as well as people from abroad—toward creating a universal design map that generates friendliness.

How to post universal design information

Information posted by users generates friendliness and smiling faces.

1 Let's access JAPAN WALK GUIDE !

* User registration is not necessary.

2 The universal design map will be displayed after you choose a user type.

3 Choose the new registration button to post information.

We worked with students to create a universal design map!

Students' voices

I had fun while I learned.

I understood how difficult it is to walk while paying attention to the barrier-free properties of facilities.

I enjoyed gathering various information about the community.

Walking the streets made me realize how some people require help going over even slight bumps and slopes.

It was fun to watch all the information being entered on a map of the city I live in.

I was surprised to find many obstacles on the streets I walk on every day when I looked down.

Environment recommended for JAPAN WALK GUIDE

  • Compatible devices: smartphones equipped with the following OSs
  • OS/browser: Android OS 4.4 or higher and Chrome, iOS 9.2 or higher and the standard browser (Safari)