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As population declines continue unabated and existing populations are increasingly concentrating in the Tokyo area,
economic revitalizations utilizing the unique characteristics of each region are becoming crucial issues in all regions across the country.
In order to support the “Regional Comprehensive Strategy” implemented by each municipality,
NTT Group is offering effective solutions using ICT.

Representative case study

Fukuoka and Kyushu Enhancing information services for tourist visitors
based in Wi-Fi environments

Implementation of the “Trial Program for Community Revitalization” in collaboration with JTB Group
(October 2014 – April 2015)

The “Trial Program for Community Revitalization” was implemented from October 2014 in cities such as Fukuoka. Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) was utilized as a telecommunications infrastructure to offer tourism information mainly for overseas visitors through smartphone and tablet applications, thereby creating highly satisfactory tourism experiences.

Toward increasing customers and improving visitors’ satisfaction levels by utilizing tourism apps, etc.

The tourism information app offered by the “Trial Program for Community Revitalization” offers tourism information and restaurant coupons in multiple languages, thereby supporting the improvement of visitors’ satisfaction levels and the increase of customers to partner stores.
Thereafter, NTT Group collaborated with the Kyushu Economic Federation and the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization to propel the “Kyushu Free Wi-Fi Project.” It contributed to improving Wi-Fi environments, developing the expansion of the Fukuoka tourism information app to the Kyushu tourism information app, and deriving new tourism insights through the analysis of user information.

Trial Program for Community Revitalization Tourism App “J Guidest Fukuoka”
(Provides 5 language options: Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese)
Kyushu Tourism App “Japan Travel Guide”

(Left) Trial Program for Community Revitalization“J Guidest Fukuoka”
(Provides 5 language options: Japanese, English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese)

(Right) Kyushu Tourism App “Japan Travel Guide”

Supporting regional enterprises
to expand business opportunities through big data analysis

As a result of gathering and analyzing the usage (big data) of the app by visitors, it was possible to visualize their travel movements and periods of stay, in turn making it possible to get a grasp of new, previously unnoticed flows of people. The support continues today, striving to improve “Omotenashi (hospitality)” in partner stores and expand business opportunities for regional enterprises.

Hotspots popular with foreign tourists

NTT Group offers total support
in resolving various issues faced by regional societies

In April 2015, Fukuoka City and NTT tied a comprehensive partnership agreement with the aim to resolve various social issues faced by the region through different collaborations such as the utilization of ICT.
Beginning with the expansion and strengthening of information transmission regarding tourism and disaster management using ICT, endeavors are underway to resolve regional issues across multiple fields such as regional security and safety, welfare and education, and to improve government services.
NTT Group fully utilizes newest ICT technology from network hardware to applications to support the resolution of government and regional business issues, thereby contributing to regional revitalization.