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As a company with strong roots in the local community,
NTT engages in “community development” efforts that value the region’s history and characteristics by utilizing “newest ICT technologies” and “architecture and infrastructure technologies”
that have supported and protected Japanese communication equipment from natural disasters to this day.

Representative case study

Constantly evolving new urban centers and international business hubs: Shinagawa

The Shinagawa area has been the focus of much attention due to its great potential in terms of initiatives such as plans for the construction of a new station on the JR Yamanote Line and the concept of it being home to the first station on a maglev train line. Shinagawa developed into a prosperous town hundreds of years ago as the first station on the Tokaido road (the route that linked Tokyo and Kyoto at that time), and since then it has become an important transportation hub through which many people, goods and information pass. This attractive area will continue to grow as an international business hub owing to its international strategic zone, concentration of global companies, traffic convenience and large number of hotels. At the same time, it also offers an urban living environment with its many high-rise apartments.

Project for the use and application of public land,
which is the core concept of Eco Town Planning: Shinagawa Season Terrace

Shinagawa Season Terrace is a large-scale public-private project developed through the use of vertical city urban planning by the Tokyo Metropolitan government in collaboration with four companies including the NTT Group's NTT Urban Development.
Based on plans aimed at making effective use of vertical space, the project was implemented alongside the city’s reconstruction of the Water Reclamation Center, and with the collective knowledge, experience, and technology of the NTT Group and other companies, designers and construction companies under the following themes: internationality; consideration for the environment; safety and security; and proposals for new work styles and life styles.