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Both the “Declaration to be the World's Most Advanced IT Nation” (approved by the Japanese Cabinet in June 2014) and “The Vision for ICT in Education” (published by the Ministry of Education,
Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan in April 2011) mention the need to improve education, subject teaching and school administrative support based on the use of ICT in a broadband environment.
In light of this, the NTT Group is committed to preparing a wide variety of solutions that cover consultation and system integration
through to maintenance and operation with the aim of contributing to the further introduction of ICT in the education environment.

Representative case study

Providing a cloud service that will function as the school administrative system platform
for the Yokohama City Board of Education

NTT has developed and provided a new cloud service that combines outstanding cost performance with flexibility and security for the existing administrative system platform used by the Yokohama City Board of Education, which is Japan’s largest board of education in terms of the number of schools, teachers and students under its jurisdiction.
To enhance the efficiency of school administration, we provide a service for the integrated monitoring and operation of systems including hardware, software, data center and networks.

Developing a means of securing system resources
based on teacher workloads

Generally speaking, the processing load for the school administrative system tends to be concentrated at the end of the term when teachers process student results and use of the necessary resources is at its peak. By using the virtualization technology of a cloud service, operation of the system has been optimized so that the necessary resources are available when required.

Increasing information confidentiality and protecting important personal information

To ensure information confidentiality, NTT employs a robust domestic data center and connects its cloud services through private lines. We have also developed a mechanism that logs the operations of school administrative managers, thereby ensuring appropriate access rights management and preventing illegal operations.

Providing prompt services that meet customers’ needs

Through its cloud services, NTT can provide optimal services tailored to the level of service and policy required by the customers without any need for complicated designs on the customer side. With regard to the school administrative platform for the Yokohama City Board of Education, we have managed to shorten the service delivery time considerably in comparison with the time required to configure systems built on an individual basis.

Providing further added value in the education sector

By leveraging the know-how it has acquired through this project and other education sector initiatives, NTT will continue its efforts to improve functions such as email, storage, web filtering and the posting of digital textbooks.