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Key issues in revitalizing a local economy include securing a stable energy supply that takes account of environmental concerns
and ensuring safe and reliable control and management of public facilities in the event of an emergency.
With this in mind, NTT Group will continue to provide solutions to address various local energy issues
and ensure the safety and sustainability of important social infrastructure.

Representative case study

Contributing to a local government’s new regional electric power project

To help local governments implement their energy policies, we contribute to new regional electricity businesses by leveraging the knowhow and community energy management systems (CEMS) that we cultivated in previous smart community projects. The aim is to improve self-sufficiency through the local production of energy for local consumption, introduce energy savings in normal operations, and secure a power supply for important public infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

A consumption control and management service that optimizes the supply and consumption of electric power in the local area

NTT provides support for energy management operations such as estimating the amount of electric power that is generated and consumed within a particular local area and creating consumption control plans for submission to the general electric utility companies that act as the electric system operators. In terms of our energy consumption estimates in particular, we are striving to improve the viability of energy management operations by, for example, avoiding imbalances through highly accurate simulations.

An energy management service that contributes to energy savings and emergency response capabilities

NTT provides services that are designed to ensure energy savings under normal conditions by controlling the lighting, air conditioning and power supply equipment (e.g., storage batteries) in the local area from a remote location. We are also working to improve resilience in the event of an emergency by using electric vehicles (EV) and a stand-alone power system that utilizes a combination of solar power and storage battery power with the aim of making it easier to visualize how much electric power is still available.

Creating a society that delivers sustainable power generation systems and energy

NTT provides a variety of solar power products and services, including large-scale power generation systems and power-outage backup systems, and explores environmentally friendly energy sources that can survive natural disasters.
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