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To prepare for unpredictable natural disasters, Japan’s various regions face an urgent need to implement disaster prevention and mitigation measures that incorporate a mechanism for the accurate and speedy collection of information and its subsequent communication to all local residents.

The NTT Group supports safe and secure lifestyles for all by providing a wide range of disaster prevention and mitigation solutions, including the real-time monitoring of the natural environment and the collection, analysis and transmission of information after a disaster has occurred.

Representative case study

Providing Kumamoto City with an ICT-based service for the creation of hazard maps

To help local governments implement their energy policies, we contribute to new regional electricity businesses by leveraging the knowhow and community energy management systems (CEMS) that we cultivated in previous smart community projects. The aim is to improve self-sufficiency through the local production of energy for local consumption, introduce energy savings in normal operations, and secure a power supply for important public infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

Supporting Kumamoto City’s long-standing project for the creation of local hazard maps that provide local residents with information on region-specific dangers

Information known to local residents and field research results can easily be added to the map. In addition, photographs of actual danger sites and primary evacuation sites can be imported and displayed on the map to provide real-life information.

Local hazard maps created by local residents can be widely shared

By storing the data for local hazard maps to the cloud, we can share the maps with residents via the Internet.

Use as a BCP measure

As the data for regional disaster-prevention hazard maps is stored in the secure data center of NTT West, this can also serve as a BCP measure.