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With threats to information security becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse, the damage caused by cyber-attacks and data breaches has come to be recognized as a social problem.

To provide competitive security services around the world, NTT established NTT Security Corporation, which consolidates the specialized security expertise of the entire NTT Group.

NTT Security not only offers its technologies and services globally, but also implements initiatives for developing and strengthening security personnel.

Establishing NTT Security, which consolidates NTT’s specialist expertise

Established to consolidate the NTT Group’s advanced analytics technologies, security threat intelligence and security expertise, NTT Security Corporation started operations in August 2016. As a service developer and wholesaler, NTT Security offers global security solutions that integrate advanced technologies and services through NTT Group companies, such as Dimension Data, NTT Communications and NTT Data.

With information security threats having become increasingly sophisticated and diverse, inadequate skills and shortages in the number of information security engineers now pose serious concerns for Japanese companies. To address this issue, the NTT Group is strengthening its efforts to develop its security personnel by, for example, increasing the number of security experts in Japan from around 2,500 to about 10,000. Furthermore, in consideration of the need for efforts to be made at the national level, we are partnering the Japanese government, other businesses and educational institutions to develop security personnel in Japan. Our efforts include participating in the Cross-industry Cybersecurity Expert Development Committee, which was launched in 2015, as one of its founding organizers.

NTT wins a competition for personal data protection technologies

In October 2015, the first Privacy Workshop was held concurrently with the Computer Security Symposium 2015, which was attended by both security researchers and engineers. At the workshop, the PWS Cup was held for teams competing in terms of technologies for data anonymization and re-identification. Winning in all three categories (anonymization, re-identification and pseudo-microdata generation), the NTT team that took part was the overall victor.
In the PWS Cup, the relative merits of anonymized data were compared using the total scores for several pre-determined numerical indicators. It would take a lot more than just applying common anonymization techniques to maximize the numerical indicators, so the NTT team endeavored to come up with creative ideas for applying randomization, its specialty, to deliver outstanding results in terms of usability and safety. The team won high praise for having made full use of its members’ extensive knowledge of anonymization methods to obtain the highest number of successful re-identifications.

For the advancement of society and industry and with the aim of creating a society in which people can use personal data as needed without fear of their privacy being invaded, NTT will continue to work on the establishment of domestic anonymity and privacy standards as well as R&D for advanced privacy protection and anonymization technologies.