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The farsighted technological creations of the NTT Group are expanding into many different fields.
Through its proactive efforts to pursue technological developments and cutting-edge research that will encourage new value creation, NTT aims to make a positive contribution to society by, for example, delivering solutions to social issues and strengthening industrial competitiveness.

Nishikori serving right in front of you!

Nishikori serving right in front of you!

NTT has used its VR and haptic technology to develop a system that allows you to experience the feeling of standing on the same tennis court as Kei Nishikori and returning his serve. The company is planning to develop systems that can be used for training in various sports and reality systems that allow normal people to have fun experiencing the bodily sensations of sport.

NTT's laboratory collaborates with Kei Nishikori! Please take a look at the state of our research into reality-based sports simulation.

Bringing an ultra-realistic viewing experience to the people of the world

Immersive telepresence technology — Kirari!

Creating a Revolution Together Through Collaboration


Manage Your Health Just by Wearing Clothes


Manage Your Health Just by Wearing Clothes


Developed in partnership with Toray, hitoe is a functional fabric that measures and compiles the bio-signals it receives from your heart, muscles, and brain while you are wearing it. hitoe is already being used to support sports training, and NTT is undertaking other collaborations with a variety of different partners.

Virtual Training System


Massive hits with VR?!Training system of professional baseball players


A realistic representation of a baseball field is created in virtual space, making users feel as though they are actually playing in a real game. Prior to a game, batters can work on their form by experiencing the trajectory of an opponent pitcher’s ball in a virtual environment.