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NTT presents "Ichiro meets R&D" - NTT R&D Experiential Tour

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New TECHNOLOGY giving birth to new EXPERIENCE!

The long-standing top sportsman in the world, Ichiro,
experiences NTT's latest technology!

Ichiro meets R&D introduces you to sports brain science and a futuristic way of viewing sports,
recognizing multi-lingual speech and more.


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Ichiro meets Kirari! - Futuristic, ultra-realistic sport-viewing experience -

Kirari! is attracting much public attention as a cutting-edge technology that can be applied to sports, music and many other different fields.
The video and audio it transmits are so realistic that it can create an experience as if the audience in a remote venue were among the on-site spectators.

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Ichiro meets Global Prince Shōtoku - Deliverer of cheers -

"I would be happy if I could hear only the cheers and not the booing."
"いけいけイチロー! (Japanese)", "加油、加油、一郎! (Chinese)", "Let's go Ichiro! (English)"
Imagine that even while the crowd in the stadium is cheering in different languages and you can hear what each person says.

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Ichiro meets Sports Brain Science - Future sports training -

Elucidate subconscious, latent brain processes in sports!
Explore the strategy of the brain in sports by means of the latest information and communication technology (ICT), such as NTT's wearable sensors and virtual reality.