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Promoting standardization and global deployment of NTT technologies

In response to the globalization of markets and increasingly fierce competition of technologies, NTT, synthesizing its own and third party technologies, is promoting market penetration and business deployment of quality technologies actively and strategically. For instance, NTT participates in and contributes to the International Standard Developing Organizations such as ITU-T, ISO, IEC, IEEE, as well as the Standardization Forum or Consortium such as Global Inter-Cloud Technology Forum (GICTF), OSGi Alliance, IPTV Forum Japan.

NTT Intellectual Properly Center is also contributing to the one-stop license-out program named "patent-pool*" in order to promote the penetration of the technical standards. Through the patent-pool program, the Center grants companies across the world license of the essential patents which are adopted by ITU-T G.729 (speech codec), ISO MPEG-4 AVC (video codec), IEEE 802.11 (wireless LAN), and so on.

Patent-pool is the patent-licensing program in which plural patentees grant license their essential patents under fair and reasonable terms by one-stop services. An essential patent is a patent which claims one or more inventions that are required to practice a standard technology.

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