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Intellectual Property Center The NTT Group, together with its partners as "Your Value Partner", is aiming to solve social issues by promoting digital transformation through ICT. Under the NTT R&D vision of developing cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the advancement of society, industry, and science, our R&D is addressing a wide range of research and development areas, from basic research that generates new scientific theories and technologies that will transform the world, to applied technologies such as networks, applications and security frameworks, as a source to realize NTT Group's such aims. Providing appropriate protection for and using intellectual property generated through research and development is vital to the ongoing viability of the NTT Group, and this in turn allows us to continue contributing to our customers and society. To this end, the NTT Intellectual Property Center is tasked with developing intellectual property strategies consistent with the ongoing business operations and R&D focus of the NTT Group. This includes pursuing i) strategic acquisition of new intellectual properties, ii) risk management of intellectual properties, and iii) best use of intellectual property holdings.

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