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About corevo

With artificial intelligence cultivated through R&D, we will accelerate collaboration with various partners

What is corevo?

corevo® is the unified brand name for all of NTT's initiatives that utilize the forms of artificial intelligence (AI) that have been developed through NTT's R&D. It is intended to accelerate collaboration with a variety of partners. Each NTT group company aims to create new value together with its collaboration partners and municipalities by applying corevo in a wide range of fields.

What does the corevo logo represent?

corevo : Co-revolution

The corevo logo has been created to represent the way in which many types of value
with unlimited potential are created using AI in collaboration with a variety of players.

NTT group's R&D organizations

Features and strengths of corevo

No.1 - The world?fs top-ranked speech recognition technology according to an international technology evaluation.Over 40 years - Natural language processing and knowledge processing technologies built on more than 40 years of researchLargest - The NTT group?fs R&D organizations are unrivalled in terms of both scale and technology.

R&D for corevo is undertaken by both NTT Laboratories and the R&D organizations of NTT group companies. NTT Laboratories, which play the central role, cover leading-edge basic research, application research and development. Their R&D results are used by NTT group companies to develop and provide commercial products and services, which are assigned the corevo®.
* [Note 1]
This technology was selected for being the most accurate in an international technology evaluation of mobile speech recognition in a noisy public space.

Four types of AI that make up corevo

We have identified the following four directions taken by research into AI-related element technologies that make up corevo. All of them capitalize on the strengths of NTT as a communications carrier. By combining these four types of AI, it will be possible to create services that have features unique to the NTT group.


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