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Protect Environment / items converedCSR Priority Activity
Realizing a Low Carbon Future

Policies and Concepts

Reducing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, which are the principal cause of climate change, is an important social issue. Additionally, in recent years, it has also been considered important to devise adaptation measures to prepare for the effects of climate change.

There is growing demand for conserving energy given the rising amounts of electricity use associated with the development of ICT. At the same time, ICT is expected to contribute to energy savings, the reduction of CO2 emissions across society, and the provision of adaptation measures.

To usher in a low carbon future, NTT Group will endeavor to curb CO2 emissions from its own business activities. Also, we will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions across society and adaptation to climate change by striving to develop and disseminate the most advanced ICT services and technologies.

Organization for Implementation

NTT Group has established a Climate Change Actions Committee which works under the NTT Group Global Environmental Protection Promotion Committee. The Actions Committee has the senior manager of the NTT Environmental Protection Office as its chair and the people responsible for the environment at eight major Group companies as members. The committee investigates and promotes climate change-related measures in NTT Group, promotes measures aimed at achieving our targets for climate change, formulates policy and implements measures concerning application, and advances appropriate responses to climate change-related laws and ordinances.

The working groups (WG) under the committee advance activities according to their respective themes. The Environmental Contribution Promotion WG undertakes consideration and diffusion of our environmental labeling system for solutions, and target value management for contributing to the reduction of CO2 emission amounts across society. The Low-Carbon Promotion WG addresses target value management and promotion of measures for power efficiency, while the Climate Change-Related Legal Compliance WG tackles management of environmental measures related to climate change.

Climate Change Countermeasure System

Climate Change Countermeasure System

Major Reports

  • NTT Group Environmental Activities
  • NTT Annual Report 2019

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