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Safety and Security / items coveredCSR Priority Activity
Reinforce Information Security

Policies and Concepts

With the progressing digitalization of society and the economy and changes in international circumstances, security threats are becoming more serious and sophisticated, particularly cyber-attacks. Within this environment, NTT Group has a responsibility to protect ICT service infrastructure and customers’ basic rights, freedoms, and information assets, as well as to provide a sound foundation for the growth of the digital economy.

When formulating our medium-term management strategies in 2018, we made it our mission in terms of security to contribute to the building and development of a free, open, and safe ICT platform for supporting the infrastructure of the digital economy. We also made it our vision to realize the digital transformation of both customers and NTT itself, and for that reason, we will be chosen by customers.

In order to realize these, we will strive to engage in research and development that leverages the scale of the Group, realize superior abilities for rapid detection and response, cultivate human resources who share the values of sincerity and advanced skill, and transcend profit-focused principles to transmit pioneering knowledge to society.

The appropriate handling of personal information is a focus of growing interest worldwide and it is also important to have countermeasures to large-scale, sophisticated cyber-attacks targeting things like international events. As a member of the global community building the digital society, NTT Group will contribute to solving social issues through our security business.

NTT Group's Information Security Policy

In order to continue supplying safe, secure services at all times and remain to be a company relied on by customers forever, NTT Group, as one of the responsible companies that shoulder the information communication industry, shall strive to maintain the security of information and contribute to the sound development of ubiquitous broadband society in accordance with the following policy.

  1. With a strong recognition of the importance of information security in ubiquitous broadband society, the Group shall strive to create a safe, secure, convenient communication environment and maintain information security.
  2. All the board members and employees of NTT Group shall fully recognize that protecting information is the base of the Group's business activities and an important social responsibility of any company, and the Group shall strictly observe the secrecy of communications and comply with the relevant laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act.
  3. The Group shall reinforce its organization for maintaining information security, take thoroughgoing measures to prevent illegal access to information and loss, alteration, leak, etc. of information and implement activities necessary for protection of information, including thoroughgoing employee education and proper supervision of contractors, on a continual basis.

NTT Groupís Information Security Policy

Organization for Implementation

NTT Group enforces information security management under the charge of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and is thorough in its information security management. We have also established a Group CISO Committee, and formulate Group information security management strategies, plan and implement related measures, undertake human resources training, and otherwise engage in activities in collaboration with companies across the Group.

NTT Group Organization for Information Security Management

NTT Group Organization for Information Security Management

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