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Enrich Society / items coveredCSR Priority Activity
Contribute to Society through ICT and Data Usage

In recent years, various social issues have come to the fore: rapid increase in the global population, growing severity of natural disasters, worsening of food supply and environmental problems, and in Japan, low birthrates and an aging population are leading to the rapid shrinking of the working-age population. In order to solve these problems, big social and economic transformations are being demanded in every society and economy, and the advancement of digital transformation utilizing ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is required in every situation. NTT Group has been applying our various management resources and capabilities, including the human resources, research and development, and ICT base we have cultivated through our business activities, to solve social issues. Going forward, we will position ourselves as Your Value Partner by collaborating not only with our customers and telecommunications carriers, but also with companies in different industries and local governments with the aim of utilizing the power of ICT and data to contribute to society.

NTT Group has made promotion of the B2B2X business model one of the pillars of our growth strategy and we have established a B2B2X Strategy Committee with the president as chairman to facilitate Group collaboration while expanding projects. We are also deepening discussion about future deployment of the B2B2X business model at regularly held Board of Directors meetings and reporting on progress at general meetings of shareholders.

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