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Improve Access to ICT

NTT Group provides telephone services including subscribed phones, public phones, and emergency numbers that can be used fairly and reliably by all households in Japan. NTT Group has fulfilled its responsibility as an electronic communications provider, migrating, on average across Japan, more than 90% of fixed access networks to fiber optics while NTT DOCOMO achieved a population coverage of 99% for its LTE service.

At the same time, a number of new issues have emerged in terms of the ICT access network. These include improving regional ICT access in areas with a high cost for building access networks, such as mountainous regions and remote islands, providing services that are easy to use for people with disabilities, and enhancing Japan's Wi-Fi environment that can be used by the increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Japan in recent years.

NTT Group, as a Value Partner continually chosen by its customers, contributes to creating an ICT access environment that can be used easily by all. Specifically, we work with other partners to offer a diverse range of fee systems and service variations through the wholesale fiber access service of NTT East and NTT West and the MVNO service of NTT DOCOMO. In this manner, we are working to ensure ICT access services are closely in tune with customer needs.

Two of our major goals under our CSR priority activities include enhancing the system to provide diverse ICT services globally and providing ICT services available for a broad range of customers, including the elderly and persons with disabilities. Indicators for these goals are expanding countries of service and expanding the number of UD-capable products and services. In addition, we have worked diligently to improve ICT access through proactive initiatives including special discounts on dedicated lines for educational facilities, discounts on mobile phone use for persons with special needs, and increasing the number of Wi-Fi spots in urban areas and tourist destinations.

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