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Promote Diversity

Policies and Concepts

As a global ICT group company, NTT Group must create innovation to breed new value and address the needs of various users around the world.

To respond to dramatic changes in the markets and meet diversifying customer needs, as well as to become a consistently selected Value Partner, we believe that respecting and making use of the individuality of employees and their differing values is essential. We also believe that ensuring diversity and creating workplaces in which people respect each other will lead to unprecedented breakthrough innovations. Accordingly, NTT Group works on creating diverse workplaces in which people can realize their full potential irrespective of sex, age, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other factors.

Organization for Implementation

NTT Group has positioned diversity and inclusion as an important management strategy and the president himself is communicating inside and outside the Group the importance of accepting a diverse range of values. We are working to implement initiatives aiming for diversity and inclusion companywide.

In October 2007, NTT established the Diversity Management Office to bolster efforts to create an environment which enables participation by diverse human resources across the whole Group, and by April 2008, diversity promotion supervisors were in place in Group companies. The Diversity Management Office and diversity promotion supervisors continue to cooperate to promote diversity and inclusion, to support work-life management and career development, and to conduct educational activities aimed at reforming corporate culture and ingrained practices.

Every year, we hold a diversity promotion meeting with each Group company to share their activities and discuss future diversity promotion measures for the Group based on female employee ratios by position, the status of hiring people with disabilities, and other diversity management parameters. Also, management meetings attended by directors are held when necessary to report on and discuss diversity-related initiatives, which are then promoted companywide.

Major Reports

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