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Ensure Employee Safety

Policies and Concepts

For diverse human resources to be able to fully demonstrate their capabilities, creating a working environment that ensures the health and safety of employees is essential. NTT Group’s businesses include telecommunications-related construction and maintenance involving high risk operations such as aerial work. For this reason, we believe it is our responsibility to society to implement measures to prevent accidents and continuously work on enhancing safety awareness.

To ensure occupational safety and health, in addition to observing relevant laws and regulations such as Japan’s Labor Standards Act and Industrial Safety and Health Act, NTT Group has established its own Safety Management Rules and Health Management Rules with the aim of facilitating safety and health management.

Under these rules, we have constructed occupational safety and health management systems, and have appointed staff including general safety and health managers and safety managers at all of our workplaces. We also carry out various measures aimed at creating safe and comfortable workplaces, such as providing regular health checks and arranging workplace inspections by industrial physicians.

Major Reports

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