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Creating Attractive Workplaces

Policies and Concepts

Retaining a diverse array of competent human resources serves as a powerful management foundation for any organization. This requires the development of employment conditions, such as fair evaluation, equal opportunity, opportunities for growth and benefit programs. Students seeking jobs now take benefit programs and favorable working conditions into account when selecting companies. Accordingly, the creation of an attractive workplace has also become vital from the standpoint of securing competent human resources.

Organization for Implementation

NTT Group has developed a personnel system that responds to diverse work styles and provides generous benefit programs for employees and their families to create an environment in which employees can work comfortably and fully demonstrate their abilities.

We are currently constructing a personnel database for registering past career experience and expert knowledge of employees engaged in our international businesses to accelerate the pace of visualizing and nurturing global human resources toward ensuring an optimal allocation of personnel.

To attract, in the coming years, competent human resources who thrive on the global stage, NTT Group companies have launched a joint information website for students and are jointly hosting NTT Group events. Also, to secure highly capable personnel, not only from Japan but from around the globe, we are promoting hiring worldwide.

In order to measure the results of these activities, we conduct surveys of the level of satisfaction felt by NTT Group employees toward their work and workplaces. We intend to continuously monitor this benchmark to understand outstanding issues and seek improvements.

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Major Reports

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