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Unite the Energies of Team NTT / items coveredCSR Priority Activity
Promoting a United Group Effort on Social Contribution Activities

Policies and Concepts

NTT Group has operating bases located not only in Japan but also around the world, from which it provides telecommunications networks, an important lifeline. For these reasons, our business is deeply rooted in local communities. In order to further develop this business, it is absolutely essential that we pursue harmonious relationships and strive to resolve local issues in collaboration with local residents, central and local governments, NGOs, NPOs, and educational institutions.

NTT Group looks to address the various issues faced by local communities in which we operate, including those related to environmental issues, aging populations, declining birthrates, and the education of children. NTT believes it is important to contribute to the development of flourishing and vibrant local communities through the actions of each member of Team NTT comprising NTT Group employees, their families, and retired employees. We seek to have each employee of the 240,000-strong NTT Group interact with members of their local community, identify local needs, and contribute in even small ways to addressing issues. We believe that these efforts will eventually come back to us in the form of business opportunities and avoidance of risk, and thus we view activities that invest in local communities as our most important area of activity. Herein lies the strength of NTT Group, a global enterprise that engages in businesses deeply rooted in local communities.

Organization for Implementation

The NTT Group CSR Charter calls on Team NTT to work together to contribute to the further development of a flourishing and vibrant community. In accordance with this policy, we have defined the following six pillars for corporate citizenship activities: environmental conservation, social welfare, education and cultural promotion, local community development and dialogue, international exchange activities, and sports promotion.

In turn, each NTT Group company engages in citizenship activities following the policies and detailed action plan set by NTT's CSR Promotion Office.

Since fiscal 2010, we have joined across the Group to promote activities with a focus on the area of environmental conservation, with active participation by employees under the slogan Green with Team NTT. We are also engaged in supporting people who have been impacted by the Great East Japan Earthquake and other major natural disasters.

Major Reports

  • NTT Group Environmental Activities
  • NTT Annual Report 2017

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